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Kill Bill TV Edits
Too hot for TV

I made the mistake of trying to watch “Kill Bill”, one of my favorite series of movies, on cable tonight. After suffering through commercials and some horrible edits, I decided it I’d acquire a normal movie copy later on. The edits that werre made to the movie so it could air on TV had me cracking up though. One example was in the long term care hospital the protagonist was staying at with the character “Buck” who “liked to fuck”. He had the word “FUCK” tattooed across one of his hand’s knuckles and his car was named and branded as the “Pussy Wagon”. Since this kind of thing was obviously too much for TV audiences, anytime the word “fuck” was said, it was dubbed over with the word “party”, and his branded car and keychain that said “Pussy Wagon” were overlaid on the screen as “Party Wagon”. It was terribly obtrusive and silly, but it had me laughing at least.

Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger Cut Scenes
I have too much video game nostalgia

I am a big fan of many SquareSoft games, namely, Final Fantasy 4 (US2), Final Fantasy 6 (US3), and Chrono Trigger. I played all of these on the Super Nintendo many many years ago, and still replay them from time to time through emulator.

I recently recalled that re-releases of these games on the PlayStation consoles included cut scenes, so I decided to look them up. I figured these would be of use to anyone in my boat who is a fan of the old school games but never got to see these.

I included the original links to these videos, which contain author credits, in the title. All videos were found on YouTube, and of course, owned by SquareSoft.

Chrono trigger all cutscenes Final Fantasy 4 Ending
Final Fantasy 5 Ending Final Fantasy 6 Ending
Final Fantasy IV DS Trailer (Subtitled in English)
Chrono Trigger Gonzales robot song from OVA
(The rest of the OVA is worthless, do not watch it!)

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