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I’ve finally completed all of the information and screenshots on the Websites Project page, except for Ixlair. I also had to retitle the last update I made, as I had accidentally titled it as “Website 'Project' information completed” instead of “Website 'Project' information updated”, oops.
Section: Projects > Websites
Added screen shots, information, and creation dates for the TicketPro websites.
Section: Projects > Websites

The “Ixlair” project has been changed to “Websites” in which I will list all the website’s I’ve participated in as the primary programmer.

21 websites with their basic information have been added. Creation dates, screenshots, and more site information to come soon. 2 more websites to possibly come later.

Section: Website > Projects
Added a screenshot thumbnails column to the projects list page and screenshots for 25 of the projects.
Section: Website > RSS
Google Reader was showing some information in the RSS feeds I didn’t expect so email sections (managingEditor, webMaster, author) no longer show “noreply@castledragmire.com ...” and just have the latter part “Dakusan - see http://www.castledragmire.com/Contact”, and just “Dakusan” for the author of all posts/updates.

This unfortunately means the RSS feeds are no longer completely W3C compliant, but forcing email addresses for those fields is, IMO, flawed itself because advertising email addresses on the web is just subjecting them to harvesting and mass amounts of spam.
Section: Misc > Resume
Added my Résumé to the miscellaneous section.
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Section: Website
Got in some reports that a lot of the site was hard to read, at which point I realized I had the font color as black on a lot of the pages, oops. I tend to not notice such things as it’s all easy for me to read. I went through the whole site and made sure that now all normal sized text is white (against the normal dark green background) and page titles are black. It will probably be a good idea to have one of my designer buddies to look through stuff soon and tell me if there are any “easy fixes” I can apply to anything that doesn’t look up to par.
Section: Website > hynes
  • Fixed some HTML and JavaScript errors on my old Hynes site so now it works with Firefox as well as IE.
  • Removed extremely old contact information for the staff and linked the contact reference for me to the contact page on this site.
  • Properly ordered the front page’s news posts, and added a note to the archive explaining why the content is missing. Maybe one day I’ll be able to find backups, but I doubt it. The tens of thousands of old unique hits were all lost for the same reason :-\.
Section: Website > ragnarok
Just fixed some HTML and JavaScript errors on my old Ragnarok site so now it works with Firefox as well as IE. Next up, the old Hynes site.
I’ve owned Riaboy.com for a little while now, which is used for family email addresses. I moved its launch page into my new site design, mainly because cPanel subdomains/addon domains don’t like my new apache directives for this site much, and it was easier and cleaner to just set it up here.

Highly annoying that apache checks for .htaccess files in parent directories well past the site’s “DocumentRoot”.