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Section: Projects > HTTP Zip
Uploaded version 1.0, updated project page with more information, and added browser screenshot.

v1.0 Source
Download Content
Section: Projects > ViewFonts
I decided ~3 hours ago that I needed an easier way to view system fonts, so I threw this together.
v1.0 Source
Download Content
Section: Website > Projects
Completed project pages for 2 projects (Personal Libraries, HalfKey)
Added screenshots for 1 more projects (HalfKey)
Got up downloads for 1 project (HalfKey)
Section: Website > Projects
Completed project pages for 4 projects (College Crap, Highschool C++ Class, POSTGate, Armra's Alarm Clock)
Added screenshots for 3 more projects (POSTGate, and more to Eternal Realms and Armra's Alarm Clock)
Got up downloads for 3 project (College Crap, Highschool C++ Class, Armra's Alarm Clock)
Got up start/end dates for various projects
Changed project page’s dates to now use text strings instead of physical dates (to allow for months as opposed to individual days)
Section: Website > RSS
Programmed the RSS feeds today, making sure it conforms to RSS standards, and added a RSS Valid icon to the Site Info page.

Also added in screenshots to the content sections of 21 (of the current 53) projects.
Section: Website
I’m going to be postponing launch a bit longer while I get up more project information and downloads, as that is technically the main purpose of this site ^_^;.
Section: Website
Finally putting the site up on castledragmire.com, under a subdirectory for now, for friends to start checking it over while I make the finishing touches to put it live, which should be around this Sunday.

Current finished content and sections includes:
Page I still need to finish include:
Section: Website
I worked a bit too hard on the site for a while and got a bit burnt out :-(. So I kinda slacked off on it... again... for 4 months XD. But I’m really determined and serious this time to get it up by Monday morning, so I’ll be working real hard through then. I’ve pretty much had everything finished on the site for a quite a while, I’ve just needed to touch up the posts I’ve done and I just didn’t have the energy to deal with them :-\, and the projects section of course which comes after. So yeah, will hopefully be able to keep pushing after this weekend and get all the projects up too. Wish me luck!