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Search Updates:
  • Fixed a bug on Posts, Projects, and Updates in which if you went to an unknown Post/Project/Update, and tried to redirect the page URL through the form, underscores were not properly encoded.
  • Added search box to all pages. When searching from the search box on some pages, only sections relevant to it are searched by default.
  • I swapped the order of sections in the search URL so it now displays “Search/SECTIONS/SEARCH_STRING”.
  • The search page now redirects improper search format URLs, including GET requests, to the proper format listed on the above bullet.

Hopefully I'll get up a good search solution soon.


The Projects Table View column ordering and collapsing now works properly in IE. This was caused by a “feature” in IE in which the cellIndex of a cell in a row in a table does not count cells preceding it if they have their CSS visibility property set to hidden.

Section: Website > Archive

The Archive Posts section now has an option to Expand Below Posts, which will uncollapse all the posts on the archive page for complete reading of the posts. Do note this does not work on the Updates section of the Archives.