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Archive > Updates > 2009 > March

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I recently made a JavaScript library (web script) for embedding images generated by JavaScript within web pages. I needed to test it, so I threw together a JavaScript version of the Mandelbrot Fractal from the Julia Fractals Project.

Unfortunately, IE7- doesn’t allow this (or any) kind of client side image embedding like all other browsers do, so it has to use a Java Applet to draw the image data produced by JavaScript. I tried every way I could possibly think of to get client side image embedding working in IE without an additional addon, but every time I got close, I ran into another “security feature”, and there was no way in the end to get it working... well, besides methods that make 1 HTML DOM object per pixel, which is way too complex for processing and usually freezes the browser. IE8 does support what I want, but the image has to be less than a certain size (<32KB when in base 64).

Also, of course, this works the fastest in Chrome. :-)

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