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I added a “Project” entitled Other Project that lists all applications from posts that were [way] too small-scale to make it on to my Projects list.


Releasing another one of my old and kind of useless projects in an unchanged state from when I made it in 2002.

It was a questionnaire made in Visual Basic with its own internal database. These days (actually 6 months later), I would have done this through a web application with a relational database. As this is, it works, and it is a completely stand alone application, which has its advantages.

Download: v1.0 Binary, Source

[Update at 8:30pm] I just remembered something I figured that I should mention. The reason the guy from the hospital hired me for this project was that he wanted me to take what he already had (he had a few basic forms) and program it correctly so he could learn from it and modify it himself. I did start everything over from scratch though, as what he had was a different VB form for every question. He needed me to do it in VB5 for this reason IIRC, and fortunately, my VB6 was compatible with it :-).

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Per a user request, The “Show Pending Conversation” action has been added. This shows the current pending conversation (like when clicking on the task tray [docklet] icon for an unread message).

Download: v1.5.2 Binary, Source

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Section: Projects > DeCrypt

DeCrypt v1.0 (and definitely the last version) is released. This was just an example programming project for school (kind of).

It’s slow, not too well programmed (multiple programmers), and sloppy. I don’t really care about it so I didn’t worry about cleaning it up for release. It’s one of the few programs I have done in Java, and hopefully one of the last.

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