Home Page
This section contains anything that is:
  • Referential information that is subject to often change.  Mainly lists of items to help explanation things I reference elsewhere.
  • Mirrors of websites for archival purposes (I never trust other people or companies to keep their content up permanently or in its original state of quality.)
  • Other Projects that I feel do not qualify to be listed under the projects page.
  • Other peoples work that I am referencing, organizing, or compiling.
  • Other stuff
Referential Information
Entertainment TitlesCatalogues and gives a brief explanation, my opinion, and any other relevant info, of any book, movie, TV franchise, or game I mention on the site.
GlossaryDefinitions of lesser known terms I often use
Languages and LibrariesContains a list of all of my commonly used languages and software libraries.
ResumeMy personal résumé outlining jobs and some past accomplishments
Software LicensesThe different ways of releasing software defining how it is payed for and the rights the user has with the application and/or code.
'Real Time Rendering of Complex Height Maps' PaperThis is a technical paper I wrote in 2003 regarding the Fractal Landscape project.
Alamo Draft House ListingsListing of shows currently scheduled for the Austin Alamo Draft Houses.
See here for more information.
LinksLinks to friends’, families’, and other sites
Old IntroThe old landing page/intro to my website
Riaboy.com Launch PageThe title page for riaboy.com
Web Server InformationCastleDragmire and Deltaarc web server information