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A weird thing happened today
I swear that’s never happened before!
Time: 11/19/10 11:57:12 pm
Tags: Language Paradigms, Thought Process [3]
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As previously noted, I’ve been doing a lot of work for a project in mostly C# and dynamic languages. I had a weird experience today when moving back to the C++ portion of the project. As I was going through and reading my code to pick back up on the rewrite I was needing to do, I could feel my mind making a sudden paradigm shift in thought and it gave me a half a second dizzy spell. This shift wasn’t about language syntax or structure, as I’m constantly switching between dozens of languages for different projects I’m working on. However, I have very different programming styles and ways to do things between dynamic versus structured languages, and I had been so deep rooted in those other sections of the project in the past few days, my mind just hadn’t caught up to the code I was trying to read yet and had to tell me to hold on for a second while it reorganized so it could properly read the current type of code :-).

As a matter of fact... I think there are at least 11 “languages” I am having to use for this project (for sake of the count I am including scripting languages 0:-) ). C, C++, C#, Perl, PHP, SQL, Flash, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and Bash scripting.

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