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Time: 08/09/08 3:37:51 pm
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Speaking of swords, though I know most people would probably not agree with me, it’s always irked me that it is legal to carry around guns, but not swords. I guess swords would be a bit harder to conceal, so maybe that’s why, and not that I necessarily would ever carry one around, but still :-(. Guns produce one type of fear, but seeing a 3+ foot long blade that could easily hack off a limb produces a completely different kind of respect, heh. Even knifes are subject to scrutiny, as any blade, by different state laws, are only legal to carry around if less than a certain length, usually under half a foot. Though it is very hard to find these laws and everyone says something different on them, there are consequences for trying to push it.

I have a friend who was once transporting a sword home after buying it, and by unlucky coincidence was pulled over for whatever reason, and he allowed the cops to search his vehicle. He was given a hefty fine and a misdemeanor for having the sword. More unfortunately, this ruined his future prospects for going into the intelligence sector for our government, as you can’t have any blotches on your record, and a misdemeanor is considered bad enough.

It is of course perfectly legal to have one in your car if transporting it [home] right after buying it. So make that your story if you ever find yourself in this unlikely circumstance, whether it is true or not :-). My friend lamented to me he wishes he knew this at that time.

Then again, there is a complete double standard on this subject, as anyone, I believe of any age, can walk out of Walmart with a 22" machete! Like this time in college... when a friend of mine got one... and oh Thor, the poor watermelons!

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