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Dakusan v0.5a
Everyone’s gotta start somewhere
Time: 08/03/08 3:48:22 am
Tags: Me [2], Pictures [9], Nostalgia [12]
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This is a picture of me receiving my first real programming language, Visual Basic 4.0, for Chanukah [a Jewish holiday, like Christmas in terms of gifts] in 1995 [I’m the one holding it, age 11, 5th grade]. I had been using QBasic before that. I just thought the picture was too cute to pass up ^_^. The person next to me, Luis Merino, was my best friend during elementary and middle school, and is the reason why I just found this picture. I’m flying up for his wedding in Salt Lake City, in which I will be a groomsman, this coming Tuesday :-).
Visual Basic for 12th Chanukah

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