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Skuld Kitty
Pets are the best!!!
Time: 08/08/08 10:31:41 pm
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Because I’m a super nerd, I thought I’d post pictures of my adorable kitty =^.^= . Her name is Skuld and I adopted her from a store on May the 11th of 2005 when she was 6 weeks old, so I just assume she shares my birthday, March the 28th :-).

She’s a tiny bit psychotic, but I love her to death none the less ^_^. She’s most recently become much more sociable, and she has always especially loved energetic playing; mostly wrestling with my hands and feet, and games of tag.

She has survived living with me at 5 locations so far with 5 moves!!! (Garland, North Dallas, Parent’s House [near-death appendix burst put me here for a while], Canada [1 month stay x.x; but the 26+ hour non stop drives there and back with Skuld were torturous]), Parent’s House [very very short stay], Austin). She’s been a very good sport about it, and I think she loves the Austin place the most so far.

Mouse over the thumbnails for larger copies. (Video clips to be uploaded soon.)

Adoption 1 (2005-05-11) Adoption 2 (2005-05-11) Adoption 3 (2005-05-11)
(2005-05-11) These are all pictures of Skuld on the night I adopted her.
Adoption 4 (2005-05-11) The Box (2005-06-01) Where did Jamie go (2005-07-06)
(2005-05-11) Exploring on adoption night! (2005-06-01) Skuld is a few weeks older here, lounging in a box, as she has always loved to do. (2005-07-06) Skuld was much more daring in her youth and loved climbing onto very high things. She even went to the top of the TV on these shelves a few times which almost touched the ceiling. She is playing hide and seek with a friend of mine, Jamie, here.
Sleeping (2005-07-28) Stretching out (2006-02-16) Sleeping at the office (2006-02-21)
(2005-07-28) Just curled up on some blankets sleeping. (2006-02-16) Stretching out in crazy positions as usual. (2006-02-21) I often took Skuld to the Qrush office for the 6 or so months we had it, as she got very lonely at home and there weren’t many of us at the office. She’s sleeping on some office supplies here.
Grooming (2006-04-13) Stretching at Brads (2007-07-15) Someones watching her (2007-07-15)
(2006-04-13) Grooming herself in her favorite fluffy box bed. (2007-07-15) During the stay at my parents house, I did weekend Dungeons & Dragon games at a friend’s (Brad’s) house in North Dallas (a 30-40 minute drive away) once a month, and the cat demanded to come along. She’s just lounging here. (2007-07-15) Taken a minute or so after the last one, she noticed me taking her picture.
Eating at Brads (2007-07-15) Trip to Canada (2007-08-24) Just chilling (2008-08-02)
(2007-07-15) Eating later that day at Brad’s. (2007-08-24) Sleeping on the >24 hour trip back from Canada in a cat cube my mother bought for her. (2008-08-02) Taken about a week ago as I was testing out my new camera right before needing to use it at Angel Sword. She’s just chillin next to me in bed.
Olympic High Jumper (2005-10-18) What I have to come home to (2007-11-24)
(2005-10-18) Olympic High Jumper (Video) - My dad took this video of me playing with my cat. My mother is the one in the background. (2007-11-24) What I have to come home to (Video) - I was away from my place for about a week and my cat does not easily forgive. She meowed at me for hours on end like this.

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