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90% organized
An eye chart acuity appraisal program with multiple tests, written for my father’s optometric (eye doctor) practice
Rating: 10 (Works well, has tons of features, and even works at appropriate speeds even though it’s in VB.NET. (That took a lot of tweaking!))
Project Time: 1/2006-8/2006: 60
Languages: VB6, VB.NET
Requirements: .NET Runtimes
Downloads: No downloads currently available
Sections: Information, Content, Concepts, Notes, Comments
Can’t really provide much info ATM due to possible commercial applicable reasons.
Update on 1/29/2013: I've been torn for a very long time whether to just release this to the public domain or not. I think it really has some great commercial applications, but I'm not really in the commercial application support/release biz...

But if you stop by his office for an exam, you can see it in action :).
Was originally programmed in VB6, but was reprogrammed in VB.NET when I realized my dad might want to play with the code too.


Picture Set, Chart Sizes
Acuity: Picture Set, Chart Sizes

Number Set, Crowding Bars, Mirror Display, Green/Red Mask
Acuity: Number Set, Crowding Bars, Mirror Display, Green/Red Mask

Single Line, Mask
Acuity: Single Line, Mask

Circles Fix Disp
Acuity: Circles Acuity: Fix Disp
Clock Chart Worth 4 Dot
Acuity: Clock Chart Acuity: Worth 4 Dot

Circle Grid
Acuity: Circle Grid

Calibration Screen (use a ruler to confirm screen aspect ratio correction)
Acuity: Calibration Screen

Macros (All aspects of the program can be accessed by macros, which can be bound to keyboard shortcuts)
Acuity: Macros

Remote (While keyboard shortcuts are the best way to control the program, a remote window can be used on one monitor while the main program is in full screen on another)
Acuity: Remote
Monitor adjustment, .NET library, raster and vector graphic manipulation
There is no other solid program of this genre in the market that I could find, which is rather sad.
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Re: Acuity on 04/30/11 8:00am by RestorePosts
[Posted by unknown user]
Hi Dakusan

I'm an elderlish optometry PhD student in London, UK  and am looking for alternative test chart software for a single  location.  How do I evaluate/buy/admire a copy of yours?

David Burns
Re: Acuity on 05/02/11 9:54pm by Dakusan
I think I'll take you up on your separate request for me to answer this in email form.