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All-In-One Networking Kit
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A very low level firewall and packet utility
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The final intent of this program is for a fully fledged packet sniffer/editer/firewall/bandwidth monitor.
My favorite firewall, and the best on the market for MANY YEARS was Tiny Personal firewall by Tiny Software (which seems to have been bought out?), specifically, version 2.0, which they released as freeware quite a few years ago. Unfortunately, it bluescreened many new computers on startup after install... I’m guessing hyperthreading or something... so now I run Kaspersky Internet Suite, which I love (it’s also an antivirus). Most Windows firewalls are somewhat of a joke, especially Microsoft’s itself introduced in XP SP2, which uses a high level insecure API to create the “firewall”.

The purpose of this program was originally to test out firewalls, as I believe, most are easily bypassable, but I hadn’t gotten around to making the trials yet, and still have a lot more research to do, though the prototype is complete. This software uses multiple approaches used by the recently publicized “root kits”, which also work on the low level of windows systems. Though, of course, this was well before their popularization, or possibly even before the term “root kits” was coined ^_^;. A lot of this is speculation though, and I need to do more research.

In the end I plan on turning this into a networking kit with lots of features including:
  • Firewall
  • Packet monitoring (Possibly interfacing with WireShark libraries for analyzation)
  • Real time packet editing
  • Bandwidth monitoring and reporting per process/port/IP address/etc
  • Bandwidth capping/quality of service
Low level windows hacking
Have not spent a recordable amount of time on this project to give it a time number. Just the prototype is developed.
Contact page and removed projects @ 2015-11-20 21:33:18
  1. Email contact has been removed from the Contact page, in lieu of using the forum. Explanation is on the contact page.
  2. I have removed all the projects from my projects page and site map that I will never finish and aren’t far enough along to be of any use to anyone. Most of these were written before I was 13 (in 1997). I had originally intended this site to be a collection of everything I have ever started and done, but I now see a lot of this as useless fluff. Projects removed are:
    • Personal Libraries: Old C++ libraries that are very outdated
    • Picture Encrypt: This was just an image steganography encrypter using the picture as a one time pad. I made this as a kid before I knew image steganography and one-time-pads were things that were already known.
    • WebRoute: This was a Windows file system driver that allowed grabbing files from different directories in tiers. Its functionality is easily matched with symbolic links and apache redirects.
    • FileSync: A visually interactive rsync type program. Rsync is a better solution anyways, and I’m sure frontends for it are out there.
    • File Functions: Old C++ CLI libraries that are very outdated and all have better alternatives out there
    • Web Rich Text Editor: While I was way ahead of the curve on making this, I never polished and released it. There are so many out there nowadays anyways...
    • Midi: This was the very first “large” project I built as a kid (Probably ~11). Essentially, I wanted to create a competitor to what was then the only solution (I think) for creating midis/sheet-music, Cakewalk Studio.
    • Web List Creator: Old and outdated JS library
    • eBay Content Creation: An old project I never finished, which was used to quickly create eBay pages with widgets and precompiled graphical designs.
    • RubixSolver: A program I never even really started to implement due to technological constraints of the time.
    • Icon Run: A novel gimmick from when I was very young that I never got working very well
    • MP3 Tagger: Pretty useless old program that uses a file format trick I should not have utilized in the first place
    • Logic Puzzles: Silly knock-offs of puzzles from the game Journeyman 2 (you have to be pretty old to remember these)
    • File Sender, QuickChat, Collage Maker: Outdated with much better solutions out there
    • College Crap, QBasic Crap, Highschool C++ Class: Like they say, old useless crap
    • Process Saver, All-In-One Networking Kit: Programs I never even got started
  3. I added MySQL replication ring status reporting script to the Other Web Scripts page
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