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Eyes v1.0
A desktop buddy in the form of a pair of eyeballs that follows your mouse cursor around, keeping the pupils always focused on the cursor.
Rating: 3 (Was a very simplistic fun little program I thought up while bored in geometry class. Was just learning about trigonometric functions (sin/cos) you see :).)
Project Time: ~Oct 1998-~Oct 1998: 3
Languages: VB4
Requirements: VB Runtimes
Downloads: Binary Source (See any updates below for prior versions)
Sections: Information, Content, Concepts, Notes, Updates, Comments
The more program instances you add, the creepier it gets!

Eyes was made in visual basic as a fun little application. The eyeballs follow around the mouse cursor, and spin around in confusion if the cursor is spun around them fast enough for a period of time.

They take up virtually no processor power and do not hinder any application in any way besides taking up a minimal amount of screen space.

  • Can run multiple copies
  • Can hold in place (though the pupils still follow).
  • Manual move
  • Has an easter egg (well.. used to be... now it's accessible via the menu)

Left Click - Exit the program
Shift + Left Click + Drag - Quick move around screen
Right Click - Toggle Menu
Hold In Place - Toggle on/off hold in place
Toggle Confused Eyes - Access the easter egg
About - About window
Exit - Exit the program (also accessible by a left click)


Eyes floating over an Explorer folder Confused (Easter egg)
Eyes: Floating Eternal Realms: Confused
Windows APIs, geometry, animation
#1 99% of the time, a person will enjoy an incredibly unsophisticated cute program over a highly complex real time one, ie, a dynamic fractal landscape
#2 Do not base program time-based events on the assumption that everyones computer runs the same as yours. Add actual time (millisecond) based sleeps and checks. (The easter egg originally broke when moving from my [486?] to my [pentium?] because it was based on doing certain actions in a certain amount of clock cycles [computer based time]).
Dakusan License v2.0 @ 2009-11-04 16:06:57 - Download

I have updated the licensing information across the board for my website and all its projects to the Dakusan License v2.0, a slightly modified version of the Original BSD License.

The Copyright page and all project downloads have been updated accordingly.

Added Readme files to all project downloads @ 2009-09-19 05:35:19

Binary and source zip downloads for all Projects now have readme files in them, except as mentioned below.

This only applies to the Draw Image Project in Web Scripts, and not the Directory Manager project (The only project zip file now without a readme).

More Project Thumbnail Updates @ 2008-09-28 15:48:04

The following projects have had thumbnails added to them: College Crap, Freedrive URL cracker, Highschool C++ Class, HTTP Zip, Small, Other Web Scripts.

The Eyes project thumbnail has been updated to have a transparent background to better represent it.

Eyes v1.0 @ 2008-06-01 11:54:42 - Download
Lots of updates for the first release including:
  • Closer clipping to the border so the outline looks sharper
  • About window
  • Reworked all the code to make it look better, cleaner, and added comments
  • Confusion counters now take numbers in half second intervals over 3 seconds instead of just watching 3 full seconds at a time, making the activation timing much more accurate
  • Rotation measurements are also now more accurate

v1.0 Source
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