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Mini Acuity v1.0.4
Portable eye test chart
Rating: 9 (Not a very complex project, but does what it needs to do with lots of useful options.)
Project Time: 4/29/2010-5/7/2010: 20
Languages: Java
Requirements: Android Platform
Downloads: Binary (See any updates below for prior versions)
Sections: Information, Content, Updates, Comments
This is an Android [phone] application that displays one random letter at a time at industry standard sizes for a patient to read for visual acuity testing purposes. It is intended for doctors to use as a portable eye test chart.

There are 2 versions available on the Android Market. A free version with multiple options disabled, and a full version for $9.99.

Also see Acuity for the PC for a more full fledged suite of tests with options.

Android market
qr barcodes:
Mini Acuity Lite Market URL
Mini Acuity Market URL

How things work:
  • Image Sets: Multiple sets of images are available. Only images from the currently selected set are shown.
  • Picking the next image: Essentially, every time the next image is selected, a new random image from the current image set is shown. A history of shown images is kept that can be traversed with the previous image action (and consequently the next image action).
  • Image Size: The number of feet away the viewer should be able to accurately see the image. This number is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. The image is 43mm for an image size of 100ft.
  • Actions: The 2 primary types of actions are changing the image size and changing the shown image. See 3 ways to execute actions below.
  • Snap Sizes: The set of sizes that are used by default when switching image sizes. The snap sizes set can be configured in the settings. Sliding actions are also available to change the image size in increments of 1.

Feature Set:
Screen Shots:
A normal view with letter set at 100ft, full screen
A normal view with letter set at 100ft, full screen

Select image view with letter set
Select image view with letter set

Settings screen
Settings screen

Selectable hardware actions
Selectable hardware actions

Inverted view with picture set at 50ft, full screen off, and menu
Inverted view with picture set at 50ft, full screen off, and menu

Select image view with Tumbling E set
Select image view with Tumbling E set

Configure snap sizes
Configure snap sizes

Calibrate screen
Calibrate screen

About screen
About screen
v1.0 About screen
1.0 About screen
About screen v1.0
Future Updates: (Most likely to be implemented if anyone buys the program that really needs these :-) )
  • Landscape mode with multiple letters
  • Load image sets from flash card so new non-included sets can be added. This would unfortunately require the “Read from flash card” security permission (I have so far avoided needing any security permissions).
  • Option to use meters instead of feet.
  • If other languages are needed, I would be happy to provide the string value file for translation, and include the translators name in the credits for that language. I would however require real human translations and not machine ones.

The free version comes with the following options disabled:
  • Only 2 of the images sets are enabled: HOTV and Pictures
  • Select Image menu option
  • Swipe Actions
  • Only the “volume up” physical button is available
  • Full Screen

Mini Acuity v1.0.4 @ 2011-10-08 21:09:21 - Download
Updated Android flags so it knows screens of different sizes are supported.
Mini Acuity v1.0.3 @ 2011-01-04 02:56:12 - Download

Mini Acuity has been updated to version 1.0.3 to fix an improperly reported Android permissions problem. See Android Permissions Improperly Reported for more information. The project page’s permissions section has been modified to reflect this update.

On a separate note, I’ve modified the information multiple times recently for the Mini Acuity applications on the Android Market to reflect updates to the required/allowed information and their formats in the market.

And on an aggravating and unfortunate note, it seems my private Android code signing key that I was using to sign my applications for the Android market is corrupted, or something, so I cannot release updates on the Android market until I can figure out what’s going on. For this reason, I can (hopefully temporarily) only release the Lite version on the site using a temporary key. :-(

Permissions section added to Mini Acuity @ 2010-09-05 02:00:11

A “Permissions” section has been added to the Mini Acuity Project. See the Android Permissions Improperly Reported post for more information.

Mini Acuity v1.0.2 @ 2010-05-15 21:48:14 - Download
Minor layout and code fixes
  • Appropriate settings are now refreshed only when returning from a setting/pick image screen instead of every time the main activity is resumed.
  • Multiple stylesheet fixes including removing superfluous styles to allow for default Android themes, and using "scaled pixel" font measurements instead of "pixels" on all activities.
  • Changed About Page layout to add and accommodate for inlined links, and removed title bar
Mini Acuity @ 2010-05-10 18:13:58 - Download

Uploaded first (v1.0) version of my Mini Acuity Project, which is an Android application intended for doctors to use as a portable eye test chart. Only the free version is available here on the website, but both versions are available on the Android Market. This was developed on, and has only been tested for, the Motorola Droid. Further languages and verified support for other phones to possibly come in the future.

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Re: Mini Acuity on 08/12/15 4:44pm by Dakusan
I never actually released it (http://www.castledragmire.com/Projects/Acuity). If you are serious about wanting to use it, I can spend the time putting something together and release it within the next week.