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Listed here are applications from posts that were [way] too small-scale to make it on to my Projects list.
Rating: 4 (Useful or neat projects, but small-scale)
Project Time: 7/2008-Ongoing: 10
Languages: ASM, C, PHP
Requirements: PHP for PHP applications
Downloads: Downloads information available in contents section (See any updates below for prior versions)
Sections: Information, Content, Updates, Comments
See comments for a list of the applications.
  • Windows Driver Service Loader: Loads a windows [driver] service
  • Focus Follows Mouse: Turns on active window tracking in Windows
  • chunk: Outputs bytes between 2 points in a file to STDOUT
  • chunkwrite: Writes bytes from STDIN to a certain byte offset of a preexisting file
  • Boot Loader: An example boot loader (does something when the computer boots up before the OS loads)
  • BIOS Level Key Logger: Logs keystrokes before OS loads (for other boot loaders like Truecrypt)
  • Realtime StdOut pass through to Web Browser: Takes realtime input from stdin (can be piped from another application) and sends it to a web browser. This is actually a combination of multiple applications in multiple languages.
  • Ping URL: Automatically pings a requested web address at a given interval.


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