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A project I did for the last company I worked for. Basically, a company-wide solution for ticket sales. It ended up being canceled :-(.
Rating: 4 (Was very ambitious and had so much potential...)
Project Time: 5/2006-12/2006: 150+
Languages: ASM, C++, Direct3D, OpenGL, MySQL
Downloads: No downloads currently available (See any updates below for prior versions)
Sections: Information, Content, Concepts, Notes, Updates, Comments
Most of the Personal Libraries were originally written for this. Due to proprietary reasons, I am only including one of the visual interfaces I had created for this for download.
POSTGate [Point of Sale Ticketing Gateway] was a fully fledged internal and external secure and robust database system for managing and executing ticket sales. This included:
  • The database layout which kept track of all information [MySQL]
  • Ticket generating systems for users to print at home
  • Barcodes sent to cell phones for users to use as tickets
  • Buying tickets online (PHP, JavaScript, Flash, and AJAX)
  • Buying tickets online by seat in a displayed venue layout with realtime updating of taken seats (AJAX to a C++ web server for real-time responses in a high load situation)
  • The internal client (C++) which was used for basically everything. It included:
    • Configuring venue layouts for selectable seat sales with prices and availability differentiating based upon categories
    • Managing and creating venues, events, and sales
    • Generated forms and tables based upon templates for any required information
    • Selling tickets at points of sale and venues
    • Printing tickets
    • Access control
    • A GUI+scripting system to help create new forms and tables for any required information
    • A GUI+scripting system to create ticket layouts
    • Language files used for looking up all text strings in the system and configuring formatted strings like dates, postal codes, and phone numbers. All strings in the GUI had controls for users to submit improper translations.
    • Special GUI objects for easier data manipulation including:
      • Formatted Textbox: Took a regular expression format string that the box forced confirming to. For example, a phone number in the format “(\(\d{3}\))? \d{3}-\d{4}”:
        • Would start displaying “(___) ___-____”.
        • Static characters like “() -” can not be changed.
        • As the user types numerical characters when the cursor is before a “_” character, it will be overwritten and the cursor will continue to the next non-static-text character.
        • If the user types a non-numeral, the keystroke will be ignored.
        • As the user types or moves around in the box, the cursor is always forced to be before a non-static character (backspace deletes the last non-static character).
        • If the user pastes text, the box will fill out the information as if the user was physically typing it. If the pasted text contains any static characters in it, these would be detected and ignored.
        • The user can only leave the box if: nothing is filled in, the latter 2 number areas are completely filled, or all 3 number areas are completely filled.
        • Escape can be pressed to reset the box to its last text before it gained focus.
      • AutoFill ComboBoxes: A combobox (like this , but with a text field to also fill in data instead of selecting) that auto fills in the rest of what you are typing if a valid match is found.
      • Menus: Menus come with the ability to display right aligned shortcuts with an alternate background, and more pictures with the text.
      • Windows which remembered their last positions, maintained on-top status with each other over external-application windows (like an MDI environment, but without the parent window), among multiple other improvements.

Selecting and moving
PostGATE: Selecting and moving

Zooming and menu
PostGATE: Zooming and menu
Too many to list
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