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Ram Utility v1.0
Windows GUI and console clients to search through and edit other process memory spaces
Rating: 8 (Will always be very useful, and uses assembly optimized routines to exponentially increase speed)
Project Time: April 2003-May 2003: 20
Languages: C
Downloads: Binary (See any updates below for prior versions)
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This utility allows you to access the memory space of any program currently running on the computer and find and change any information in it, from the actual program executable code itself to its data.

GUI Controls:
  • Choose New Program: Enter the name of the program in the text field next to this button exactly as it appears in its title bar and choose this button to access the program. If the accessed program is restarted at any point, this button needs to be clicked again.
  • Start New Search: Clears the current list of memory addresses.
  • Delete Selected: Deletes the selected memory addresses in the list box.
  • Add Address To List: Adds a memory address to the list from the following text field.
  • The Address List: All memory addresses are listed as HEX values. To select multiple items, use dragging, or the ctrl and shift keys.
  • Change Selected: Changes the selected memory addresses’ values to the string or number in the bottom text field.
  • Search For Value: Searches for the value in the bottom text field through the whole program if there are currently no addresses in the list. If there are addresses in the list, it only searches through those, and removes addresses where the value is not equivalent.
  • Bytes and Text Options: Only 1, 2, or 4 byte searches are allowed, and the search value has to be in the proper range of either a signed or unsigned value of that type [-2^(ByteSize-1) to 2^(ByteSize)-1]. Make sure to select the bytes option if you want to search for a number.

The console version was the predecessor of the GUI version, made to only search through DWORDS (4 byte unsigned [0-4,294,967,295 (2^32-1)]).

Example 1:
Open up Minesweeper in Windows
Select Game/Expert

Open Ram Utility, Enter “Minesweeper” under “Program Here” and click “Choose Program”
Click the Bytes Option
Enter into the bottom text field “99” (Number of current mines) without the quotes and click “Search For Value”

In Minesweeper, select Game/Intermediate
In Ram Utility, change “99” to “40” in the text field and click “Search For Value” again
In Minesweeper, select Game/Expert
In Ram Utility, select the 3 addressed in the list
Change “40” to “5” in the text field and click “Change Selected”

Purposly Lose a game in Minesweeper
When you start a new game with F2 or by clicking the smiley, you only have 5 mines on expert and get to keep the score after you win.

Example 2:
Open up Ram Utility
Enter “Ram Utility” under “Program Here” and click “Choose Program”
Click The Text Option (Default)
Enter into the bottom field “Window Not Found”. This is the default error message when you enter an invalid window title.
Click “Search For Value”
Select the values that comes up
Change the text field to whatever you want (within reason as to not cause a buffer overflow) like “Window Not Found!!”
Click “Change Selected”
In the “Program Here” text field, enter “Fake Window Name” and click “Choose Program” to see the result


Graphical Client (Minesweeper requires a 10 mine minimum :-) )
Ram Utility: Graphical Client

Console Client (421 and 419 are the number of mines I put for custom games)
Ram Utility: Console Client
Reverse Engineering, Assembly, Windows APIs
This type of program is the 101 utility of client-side hacking
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Ram Utility v1.0 @ 2008-06-07 07:22:03 - Download
Uploaded v1.0 Binary and wrote content section.
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