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Survey v1.0
A silly little joke
Rating: 1 (Probably the most simplistic project I’ve ever done)
Project Time: 1998?-1998?: 1
Languages: VB4
Requirements: VB Runtimes
Downloads: Binary Source (See any updates below for prior versions)
Sections: Information, Content, Updates, Comments
A clone of a program I had seen and couldn’t find, as the Internet was not yet really around as we know it today, so I just recreated it. If you want to get a laugh out of any easily pleased persons nowadays, just swap out the “poll” question for something relevant to today.
One of the buttons is designed to run away as the user approaches it.


Survey 1

Survey 2

Survey 3
Dakusan License v2.0 @ 2009-11-04 16:06:57 - Download

I have updated the licensing information across the board for my website and all its projects to the Dakusan License v2.0, a slightly modified version of the Original BSD License.

The Copyright page and all project downloads have been updated accordingly.

Added Readme files to all project downloads @ 2009-09-19 05:35:19

Binary and source zip downloads for all Projects now have readme files in them, except as mentioned below.

This only applies to the Draw Image Project in Web Scripts, and not the Directory Manager project (The only project zip file now without a readme).

Survey v1.0 @ 2008-06-09 14:15:55 - Download
Uploaded version 1.0 of the binary and source, and updated the screenshots to reflect minor GUI modifications.
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