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A Trojan horse
Rating: 5 (Ancient)
Project Time: -: 40+
Languages: VB4
Requirements: VB Runtimes
Downloads: No downloads currently available
Sections: Information, Content, Concepts, Notes, Comments
Ah my hacking days (1996ish). This was one of the first modern fully fledged Trojan Horse backdoors, I believe. It was completed well before the Internet and firewalls were commonly known, and well before publically available Trojans like Sub7 were conceived. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately ^_^; ), I never actually used or released it. It was more of a learning project for networking.

The client that connected to the infected [server] machine (Ganondorf was my first online handle)
Trojan Client
Networking, security, good fun
While this was completed I do not plan on releasing this, for what I hope are obvious reasons.
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