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A list of websites I’ve programmed
Rating: 9 (I much prefer application programming, but have been doing websites for a living for a while, and am really fast, prolific, and experienced in the field.)
Project Time: 1999-2024: 400+?
Languages: VBScript, JavaScript, Flash, PHP, MySQL
Requirements: A web browser
Downloads: Downloads information available in contents section (See any updates below for prior versions)
Sections: Information, Content, Concepts, Notes, Updates, Comments
Most of the websites’ I’ve participated in as the primary programmer with information including programming languages used, the designer, creation dates, screenshots, and what I was involved in for their creation.
The following is the overview information for most of the websites’ I’ve participated in as the primary programmer. Some projects are left out for proprietary/privacy reasons.
Many of these might be missing content and have been stagnant for as many as 8 years.
Please note all links to external sites on this page will open in a new window/tab.
More information on each site is found after the table, which is directly accessible by clicking the specified website’s name in the table.
You can also find more information on my best Flash applets at the bottom of the content section.

NameAddress*Creation Dates**Languages***Designer
Vintage Experiencevintageexperience.com2013/3-2013/5PHP,JS,SQL,AA,GoLangCaroline Koehler
Head2Head: Holiday Death Matchsfheat.com/holiday2010/game.html2010/12PHP,JS,SQLAdam Shen
Intellitixintellitix.com2010/10PHP,JSP. Gaudreault
Anima Communicationsanimaltee.ca2010/10PHP,FP. Gaudreault
Rays Resto Pub!!!!raysrestopub.com2010/10PHP,AA-
The Woodland Wellness Centerthewoodlandwellnesscenter.com2009/10PHP,SQL,JSJosh Collier
Karim Bouloskarimboulos.ca2009/10PHP,SQL,JSNoah Redler
Dakusan’s Domain+castledragmire.com2006-2008PHP,SQL,JS,F,AAKTK
Ticketpro Canadaww1.ticketpro.ca2006-2008PHP,SQL,JS,F,AAJ.F. Simard
Ticketpro: Hotelsweb.ticketpro.ca/hotels22006-2008PHP,SQL,JSJ.F. Simard
Ticketpro: Amp’d Mobileticketpro.biz/ampd2006-2007PHP,SQL,AAJ.F. Simard
Ticketpro: BarCodesUnavailable2007PHP,XML-
Ticketpro International+++ticketpro.biz2007PHP,SQL,F,AAJ.F. Simard
Woot Officewootoffice.com2006/4-6PHP,SQL,F,AAAdam Shen
Qrush Bookqrushbook.com2005/7-2006/1PHP,SQL,JS,F,AAAdam Shen
Carol Joy Singscaroljoysings.com2005/8FAdam Shen
Dallas Aerial Surveysdasmaps.com2005/6-7PHP,SQL,F,AAAdam Shen
Teel Inc: SurveysUnavailable2005/1PHP,SQL-
Unlimited Visibility Lighting Designuvld.com2004/12-2005/6PHP,SQL,JS,F,AAAdam Shen
Qrush Technologiesqrush.com2004/12-2005/3PHP,SQL,JS,F,AAAdam Shen
Aikido.org: Planoaikido.org/plano2004/11PHP,SQL,JS,F,AAAdam Shen
Park Cities Limousinelimodfw.com2004/10-12PHP,SQL,JS,CGI,AAAdam Shen
Aikido.org: Dallasaikido.org/dallas2004/8-12PHP,SQL,JS,F,AAAdam Shen
Miller Coach++hearseandlimo.com2004/8-2005/10PHP,SQL,JS,AAAdam Shen
Portal Designportal-design.com2002/11-12PHP,SQL,JS,AAAdam Shen
Sasami’s Ragnarok Worldcastledragmire.com/ragnarok2002/3-2004/3PHP,SQL,JSAdam Shen
Ixlairixlair.com2002/8-2002/9PHP,SQL,JS,F,AAAdam Shen
Table Notes:
  • *Addresses are only linked if website is still operational
  • **Creation Dates are approximate to a month and were mostly gathered from file modification/creation dates
  • ***Languages: PHP, SQL=MySQL, JS=JavaScript, F=Flash, VB=VBScript, CGI=Perl, AA=Admin Interface (CMS); HTML and CSS are assumed for all websites
  • !!!!Only part of the website was done by me, not the whole thing. See notes for more information.
  • +Websites including and above this point were all done under Hyrulean Productions (as Freelance), see résumé.
  • ++Websites including and above this point were all done under Qrush Technologies, see résumé. I am no longer affiliated with this company in any way, as I found out my x-business partner was doing a lot of illicit and unscrupulous activity, and I left.
  • +++Websites including and above this point were all done under TicketPro Canada, see résumé.

URL: -

Full Information

Site Description: C2 is a business conference that has multiple conferences per year across the world. I created multiple systems for the Montreal conference.

Programming: An accreditation system with staff/attendee badge printing, a partner platform for inviting attendees, and a voting interface for one of the Microsoft talks.

Vintage Experience Vintage Experience
URL: vintageexperience.com

Full Information

Site Description: Vintage Experience is a large scale concert/event project for the Québécois artist Gregory Charles. A custom venue is built up in every city he performs specifically tailored towards the unique experience Gregory Charles creates. The show is audience driven, in that the audience members vote, answer questionnaires, and send chat message to Gregory Charles during the concert to shape what occurs.

Programming: I created all the software for this project ranging from the basic information website, to the software used by the audience to tailor the dynamic experience to their wishes, to the control software that is used to drive the show. I did all the front and back end layout and programming, including creating the HTML and images from PSDs given by the designer.

Head2Head Holiday Death Match Head2Head: Holiday Death Match
URL: sfheat.com/holiday2010/game.html

Site Description: Visitors vote on randomly generated “death matches” for the “most holiday” of 120 different icons. Real-time ranks are tabulated on the site’s crowdsourced leaderboard. (Press release)

Programming: I created the real time backend (via AJAX) for choosing and displaying the random matches, and keeping track of and tabulating votes. Systems were also put into place to help prevent cheating through mass or duplicate voting.

Intellitix Intellitix
URL: intellitix.com

Site Description: A new technology I developed that uses RFID chips for more secure and much quicker entrance to venues. I will have a project page about this up at some point.

Programming: I was given the site’s layout in Photoshop to cut up along with instructions on how they wanted the popup menus to work. I also inserted and laid out all the content.

The photos page’s popup/overlay interface for viewing pictures was also quickly thrown together from scratch to match the designer’s notes.

Anima Communications Anima Communications
URL: animaltee.ca

Site Description: A learning language center in Montreal Canada.

Programming: I was given the site’s layout in Photoshop to cut up along with instructions on how they wanted the popup menus to work. I also inserted and laid out all the content, and created the scrolling flash logo.

Rays Resto Pub Rays Resto Pub
URL: raysrestopub.com

Site Description: A pub in Drummondville Canada.

Programming: I created an interface that lets them update their daily restaurant specials menu. The menu renders to an image for the website and optionally sends to an opt-in subscription email list.

I didn’t do anything for this site’s layout.

The Woodland Wellness Center Screenshot The Woodland Wellness Center
URL: thewoodlandwellnesscenter.com

Site Description: A holistic wellness center based in Howard County, Maryland. The business is co-founded by Carol Joy Loeb of Carol Joy Sings below.

Programming: For this website, I was given the site’s outer layout in photoshop to cut up for easy header/footer display on all pages. I also layed out all the content pages for them. Points of interest are:

  • The integrated Google Maps applet which includes the ability to easily get directions.
  • A very quick custom news posting system
  • An appointments page that sends them requested appointment information, and alerts their cell phones.
Karim Boulos Screenshot Karim Boulos
URL: karimboulos.ca

Site Description: Karim Boulos is running as an incumbent independent candidate for the borough councillor position in a Canadian district.

Programming: This site was originally put together in Joomla, and was a bit of a mess because of it. I extracted all the Joomla pages, and turned it into a header/footer driven layout which dynamically displays text in English or French depending on the user’s choice. I also integrated many APIs for the site’s front page including:

  • Yahoo (Finds the latest video from his channel and displays it)
  • Twitter (Displays his most recent twitter posts)
  • Blog (Extracts blog post information from an RSS feed to display the latest titles)

I also implemented a very quick custom comment book system from scratch.

Dakusan’s Domain Screenshot Dakusan’s Domain
URL: castledragmire.com
You are hereYou are here :-)

Programming: Website was coded up 100% from scratch in PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript with almost no (99.9%) reused code from the past for optimization.

See here (temporarily down) for more information.

Ticketpro Canada Screenshot Ticketpro Canada
URLs: ww1.ticketpro.ca, ww2.ticketpro.ca, ww3.ticketpro.ca

Site Description: TicketPro is the largest ticket selling company for concerts, shows, events, etc in the world. I was originally hired by the Canadian branch to do a rebuild of their internal database system [see POSTGate] in C++, but they ended up getting in a crunch and badly needing website overhauls, so I ended up making a bunch of websites for them, mostly from scratch.

Programming: This one was a pretty big undertaking with a rather large and complex database. There is lots of custom JavaScript, especially for their content management systems to manipulate all the site data. All PHP and MySQL are optimized for heavy workloads, which occurs when tickets go on sale or events are announced. The main Flash programming for the site was the menu near the top to choose sections.

Ticketpro Hotels Screenshot Ticketpro: Hotels
URLs: web.ticketpro.ca/hotels2, web.ticketpro.ca/hotels3, web.ticketpro.ca/hotels4, web.ticketpro.ca/packages, web.ticketpro.ca, web.ticketpro.ca/hotels (Database offline)

See Ticketpro Canada for more information on Ticketpro and the situation behind these sites.

Site Description: Each concert season there were packages to sell hotels along with event ticket that came with extra stuff, which is what these were for. Most of these were connected to live credit card processing centers.

Ticketpro Ampd Screenshot Ticketpro Ampd Admin Interface Screenshot Ticketpro Ampd Example Ticket Ticketpro: Amp’d Mobile
URL: ticketpro.biz/ampd (Out of business)

See Ticketpro Canada for more information on Ticketpro and the situation behind these sites.

Site Description: Amp’d Mobile had free limited-ticket events which were pretty heavily advertised in the local areas they showed in.

Programming: The database was pretty simple in this one. User registration was required to sign up for the free tickets, which were dynamically printed with barcodes according to an XML template [example template].

Ticketpro: BarCodes
URL: Unavailable (Never launched)

See Ticketpro Canada for more information on Ticketpro and the situation behind these sites.

Site Description: A proprietary system that sends 2D barcodes (QRcode model 2) that are scannable as tickets to cell phones through MMS. Even though the system is completed and working, it never went live :-(.

I would like to put up a page to show this off for fun, but unfortunately, sending MMS messages cost money. I used Clickatell as a SMS gateway, as they were the only company that could do what we needed that also supported Canada. Note: Working with MMS was a pain in the ass.

Ticketpro International News Screenshot Ticketpro International News Admin Interface Screenshot Ticketpro International
URL: ticketpro.biz

See Ticketpro Canada for more information on Ticketpro and the situation behind these sites.

Programming: The programming for this site is a very simple news content management system that shows the news in a Flash applet.

Woot Office Screenshot Woot Office
URL: wootoffice.com (Never launched and database is down)

Site Description/Programming: A very complex completely Flash based system used for looking up offices and businesses by area and information.

Qrush Book Screenshot Qrush Book
URL: qrushbook.com (Never launched)

Site Description/Programming: A Notebook/Laptop store. The site layout was very dynamic, like how iGoogle is now.

Carol Joy Sings Screenshot Carol Joy Sings
URL: caroljoysings.com

Site Description: Carol Joy is a music therapist and her website outlines her practice and also contains information about her released audio CD.

Programming: The CD page includes a Flash applet I created that has real-time spectrum analyzer bars (as opposed to oscilliscope/sonograph output waves, which would just as easily be possible) while the music plays. This is somewhat unique as all other (that I have seen) sites on the web that have these bars are all repeating or random sequences that have nothing to do with the current audio playing.

DASMaps Screenshot DASMaps User Admin Screenshot
DASMaps User Files Screenshot   DASMaps User Progress Screenshot
Dallas Aerial Surveys
URL: dasmaps.com (Website has been moved to another server and edited and no longer works right)

Site Description: DASMaps provides aerial photography and photogrammetry services of the DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) area to the planning, design and engineering communities.

Programming: This site has a client login section that containes clients’ project’s progress and files. Logging in is done through normal web browser authentication.

There are 4 other admin interfaces: News management (which shows up in a Flash scroller), contact page management, portfolio (image groups and information) management, and which portfolios show up on the front page.

Teel Inc: Surveys
URL: Unavailable (I can’t really give out the proprietary survey links. I am unaware of the designer, and I just did a basic HTML layout myself inside their site layout for all provided pages)

Site Description/Programming: We were hired two separate times to make survey pages with results organized both graphically and in tables. I didn’t really pay much attention to what they were about.

TeelInc Survey Screenshot     TeelInc Metrics Screenshot
UVLD Screenshot UVLD Portfolio Screenshot UVLD Photo Collection Screenshot Unlimited Visibility Lighting Design
URL: uvld.com, Photo Collection

Site Description: Unlimited Visibility creates lighting designs for corporate theater, live entertainment, themed environments, trade-shows and special events.

Programming: Lots of Flash and PHP in this website, and probably the niftiest site design and programming I’ve worked on.

The site contains a portfolio (show) section, complete with admin interface, in which each show has text content and pictures. When inside a show’s page, the Flash animation shows just the images from the current show scrolling across it. When not inside a show’s page, 2 rows of 8 random images at half size are scrolled in opposite directions. The images inside the Flash scroll by themselves but can also be paused on mouse over, dragged, and clicked to open their full versions with information. Thumbnails of the photos are also viewable, all at once or by portfolio, randomly inside a “Photo Collection” section with custom mouse-over information.

The site also has 3 more admin interfaces: Contact page management, press section (news), and user section management, which contains cross referenced pictures.

I also added a new section to the website a few years after creation, which unfortunately is only accessible via login. In this section, the admin runs a script which iterates through all subdirectories under a master directory and creates thumbnails for all found images and movies, and then creates an index page for each of these subdirectories. This allows the admin to upload content to different directories at their leisure without having to worry about going through custom admin interfaces for upload and modification. When the generation script is run, thumbnails are only generated for new or updated content, determined by timestamps. When a thumbnail is clicked on an index page, the page is blurred out and the original video or image is overlaid and centered above, with links to the original content and the next and previous items. Two more index pages are also created during generation; one containing a list of all the subdirectories with links to their index pages, and a master page that shows all the thumbnails for all subdirectories separated by section.

Qrush Technologies Screenshot Qrush Technologies Mission/Vision Screenshot Qrush Technologies
URL: qrush.com, Mission Vision

Site Description: The website for the IT company I worked for, which mainly made web sites.

Programming: This site is very dynamic and smooth flowing. There are more content management systems than I care to remember including for the contact page, “Featured Customers”, “Testimonials”, and news (the news Flash on the front page is pretty nifty). Section information is displayed in a header Flash and allows you to go to higher sections (like the section information in the header of this site). The dynamic JavaScript menu is also pretty good.

The Mission Vision also contains a pretty Flash applet that the CEO was obsessive about me making; I’m not entirely sure why it was needed though. I programmed a lot of neat text effects for it.

Aikido of Plano Screenshot Aikido.org: Plano
URL: aikido.org/plano (No longer available)

Site Description: Website for Aikido of Plano (USAF Aikido Dojo). Included Member Section (see Aikido of Dallas)

Programming: There was also some interesting JavaScript layout effects including pictures that faded into each other.

Park Cities Limousine Screenshot Park Cities Limousine
URL: limodfw.com (Database and other dynamic content is down)

Site Description: Hearse and limousine transportation services.

Programming: Not much to this site programming wise. There is an admin interface to enter customer testimonials that showed at random on the front page, and there was once a nifty reservation section but they stopped using it for some reason. Other admin interfaces includ contact page management and content specific auto-replies for emails (which uses CGI).

Aikido of Dallas Screenshot Aikido of Dallas Member Section Screenshot Aikido.org: Dallas
URL: aikido.org/dallas

Site Description: Website for Aikido of Dallas (USAF Aikido Dojo).

Programming: We were commissioned to make a member section that could be used across all USAF Aikido sites which includes: Coming events/news script with Flash scroller for front page, individual member profiles with aikido rank information, searchable member directory, email a member [without giving email address], and announcements/news letters.

Miller Coach v1 Screenshot Miller Coach v2 Screenshot Miller Coach Admin Screenshot Miller Coach
URL: hearseandlimo.com, Stock List

Site Description: Hearse and limousine selling services.

Programming: We actually made 2 versions of this website, the second one after they decided they didn’t like the first one too much a year or so later. The second version has both a high and low resolution version determined by JavaScript. The first version had a lease pricing calculator.

There are multiple admin sections, the main one being an interface to keep track of their stock. There was also an ActiveX control used at one point to control printing.

Portal Design Screenshot Portal Design
URL: portal-design.com

Site Description: Portal Design Services is a production design service company for the Event, Wedding Planning, Entertainment, and Lighting Industries whom aids designers in various aspects of design such as drafting, rendering, and visualizing.

Programming: I programmed a shopping cart for them for the 3D light rendering system they use (called “WYSIWYG”), but it looks to be no longer online. There is also a client system for file uploads which also creates/links to a FTP account.

Sasami’s Ragnarok World Screenshot Sasami’s Ragnarok World
URL: castledragmire.com/ragnarok

Site Description: A chronicle of my experiences and tinkering/reverse engineering from early ’02 to early ’04 on an addictive yet horribly crappy MMORPG.

Programming: All programming is really simple stuff since this was when I was first learning PHP and JavaScript. I created the user counter which tracks total and unique hits by IP address and cookies. There is also some simplistic JavaScript for image swapping on different pages.

URL: ixlair.com (No longer available)
More information later.

Hynes Screenshot HyNes
URL: castledragmire.com/hynes

Site Description: My ancient NES emulator made in Visual Basic (which was made to prove the power and flexibility [not speed] of the language).

Programming: This was my very first experience with web programming so it was mostly combining and editing other people’s stuff that I found. The original JavaScript menu system only worked in IE and was pretty sloppy, so I recently updated it to work properly. I also installed multiple CGI Perl scripts including the user counter, random quote “Message of the Day” script, news [newspro], and poll.

Best Flash Applets (Not a website)
  • Music player with spectrum analyzer: See second paragraph under Carol Joy Sings.
  • Picture scroller: See third paragraph under Unlimited Visibility Lighting Design.
  • Video player: (For a site I can’t currently release here) I made this from scratch to play Flash videos and record who was watching them (by login) and the sections watched (second to second between pauses/stops/plays). This video player (without the monitoring) can be seen elsewhere on this website where videos are shown, like here.
  • Mission Vision: See third paragraph under Qrush Technologies. The “Section information” Flash header is a cool effect too.
Websites... too many websites.... ARGH!
GC and C2MTL Website Updates @ 2016-02-08 06:04:17
Vintage Experience @ 2013-09-09 21:55:25
Added the Vintage Experience project. Gregory Charle’s Vintage Experience is a large scale concert/event for the Québécois artist Gregory Charles. A custom venue is built up in every city he performs specifically tailored towards the unique experience Gregory Charles creates. The show is audience driven, in that the audience members vote, answer questionnaires, and send chat message to Gregory Charles during the concert to shape what occurs. I created all the software for this project ranging from the basic information website, to the software used by the audience to tailor the dynamic experience to their wishes, to the control software that is used to drive the show.
Head2Head added to Websites @ 2011-01-06 03:27:36

I added Head2Head: Holiday Death Match to the Websites list. It was just a small contract holiday job.

Three new [Canadian] websites added @ 2010-10-30 19:13:56

Three new websites completed in the last month have been added to the Websites Project page: Intellitix, Anima Communications, and Rays Resto Pub.

Two new Websites added @ 2009-10-14 07:58:31

Two new websites that I have been contracted to do in the last month have been added to the Websites Project page: The Woodland Wellness Center and Karim Boulos.

UVLD section of 'Websites' Project updated @ 2008-08-27 00:23:10
Updated the UVLD section of the “Websites” project page with a new paragraph at the end (thumbnail creation). I've been moving the site to a new server for the client and stumbled upon that section, which I built a few years after the main website as an add-on, and had forgotten about.
Website 'Project' information completed @ 2008-07-22 11:01:52
I’ve finally completed all of the information and screenshots on the Websites Project page, except for Ixlair. I also had to retitle the last update I made, as I had accidentally titled it as “Website 'Project' information completed” instead of “Website 'Project' information updated”, oops.
Website 'Project' information updated @ 2008-07-16 21:25:27
Added screen shots, information, and creation dates for the TicketPro websites.
Added “Websites” to Projects list @ 2008-07-15 04:36:41

The “Ixlair” project has been changed to “Websites” in which I will list all the website’s I’ve participated in as the primary programmer.

21 websites with their basic information have been added. Creation dates, screenshots, and more site information to come soon. 2 more websites to possibly come later.

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