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WhiteNoise v1.0
Displays TV like static across the computer monitor
Rating: 3 (Cute, and was used for computer language ability testing)
Project Time: 5/20/02-June 2002: 4-5
Languages: C, VB6
Requirements: VB Runtimes
Downloads: Binary Source (See any updates below for prior versions)
Sections: Information, Content, Concepts, Notes, Updates, Comments
Originally used for a senior English project in high school (which I may put up later), I ended up turning it into a computer language speed comparison
This was a test between Visual Basic and C++ compilers. It is a simple static generator. VB was real quirky to get working due to its forced signed numbers and the limits of its random (Rnd) function.

Click (or in C version hit any key) to exit

LanguageSpeed (FPS on my laptop [dual core 2.0ghz])
VB (Executable) 43-45
VB (Inside the development atmosphere...) 54-56
C 624-626


Visual Basic Application (Upper left corner contains the FPS)
TV Snow
VB Runtimes not required for C version
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I have updated the licensing information across the board for my website and all its projects to the Dakusan License v2.0, a slightly modified version of the Original BSD License.

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White Noise v1.0 @ 2008-06-03 08:27:37 - Download
Version 1.0 uploaded and description finished.

v1.0 Source
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