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2016 Resume Updates
Section: Misc > Resume
Download: Misc/Resume/Jeffrey_Riaboys_Resume.pdf
Time: 02/07/16 4:56:07 am

Updates that reference “Resume: Added Resume, Updated resume
  • Rewrote the background section, which was badly needed.
  • Under Notable Projects, made Intellitix past tense (as of 2012)
  • Added Notable Project C2MTL
  • Removed Obsolete Skills: VBScript
  • Added Skills: AngularJS, Django, jQuery, Amazon Web Services
  • Work Experience/Deltaarc: Specified IT Admin for Linux servers
  • Removed Obsolete Jobs and Skills:
    • Tutor at Open Doors Learning Center [1999-2001]
    • Microsoft Certified Professional [2004]
    • Place in Winston Science Programming Competition [1999, 2000, 2002]
    • Black Belt in Taekwondo [1996]

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