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My AJAX Library v1.0 has been added to the Other Web Scripts project.

It is an AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) library for communication between JavaScript and HTTP Servers.

This library has actually been in development for years, and I just never saw the need to release it until now, so I gave it a quick clean up :-).

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Re: AJAX Library v1.0 on 01/05/11 12:00pm by RestorePosts
[Posted by unknown user]

can you give an example of usage please?
Re: AJAX Library v1.0 on 01/06/11 1:19am by Dakusan
GetURL('Query.php', {Parameter1:'Value1', Parameter2:'Value2'}, {CallBack:AjaxResponseReceived});

function AjaxResponseReceived(Data)
     alert('Query.php returned the following: '+Data);

The documentation has the full list of parameters and options for the function call.