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Updates > Common JavaScript Library v1.0
Updates > Common JavaScript Library v1.0

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Dakusan’s Common JavaScript Library v1.0 has been added to the Other Web Scripts project. It is a JavaScript library with commonly used functions for:

  • Browser-specific functions
  • String, Object, Array, and “Function” manipulation functions
  • DOM Object creation and manipulation

The AutoSuggestBox Library has also been updated to v1.0.1. The only change is one of its inlined Common functions has been updated to match this new library.

[Edit on 2010-11-14 @ 12:22pm] I felt the need to mention that this library and test code isn’t exactly the best laid out of my source code. The library was meant to be done in a minimal amount of space (could still compress more, but meh), and the test code was thrown together just to make sure everything worked.

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