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Updates > DSQL v2.0 project added
Updates > DSQL v2.0 project added

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DSQL v2.0 project added
Section: Projects > DSQL
Download: ProjectContent/DSQL/DSQL_v2.0_SOURCE.zip
Time: 10/10/14 11:01:23 pm

Updates that reference “DSQL: DSQL Updates v2.0.1.0, DSQL v2.0.2

DSQL is a MySQL library for PHP with functionality to help facilitate cleaner and quicker SQL access. It was originally part of the Other Web Scripts project (called PHP MySQL Library [v1.0 Source]), but since the documentation got so large, and it is one of the two most helpful and utilized libraries I have and use right now, I decided it was time to give it its own page. I use this heavily in all of my professional web projects.

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