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The following fixes have been applied to Directory Manager v1.1:
  • Base URLs “<base href="...">” are now supported (they no longer break links)
    • Type: Feature (Base URLs are common for complex layouts)
    • How: All links in the script are now absolute from the base domain instead of relative to the current directory.
  • Confirmation is now requested through JavaScript before a file is deleted
    • Type: Feature
    • Why: Because there should always be confirmation before deleting data.
  • User authentication can now be applied only to the script instead of the whole directory
    • Type: Feature
    • Variable Name: OnlyProtectIndexFile
    • Why: Sometimes the user might want to only protect the ability to manipulate the directory, but not the files in it.
    • How: This adds a “<files>” directive to the “.htaccess” file around the user authentication section.
  • Header and Footer sections have been added to the top of the file right below the user variables section for easier manipulation of the page layout
    • Type: Feature
    • How: The user can now add layout header and footer information to the “HeaderSection” and “FooterSection” functions.
  • Script now only shows normal files (not directories) in its file list
    • Type: Bug Fix
    • How: The “is_file” function is now used on entries returned from the “read_dir” function before they are added to the list.
    • Side Effects: “.” and “..” were removed from the DoNotShowList variable.
  • Fixed all improper static strings of “index.php” to properly point to the current file (MyFileName variable)
    • Type: Bug Fix
  • The following user variables have been removed: MyFileName, RootDirectory
    • Type: Simplification & Bug Fix
    • Why: There was no need for the user to define these variables when the script can extract them. This also fixes a bug that occurs when a parent directory is symbolic linked.
    • How: Instead of using the “getcwd” function and subtracting that from the provided RootDirectory variable, directory and script name variables can be extract from the $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] variable.
  • Additional comments have been added in the file for code clarification
    • Type: Other

Other Information:
  • The Directory Manager information has been updated to reflect the above updates.
  • The “file by file protection” [possible] future update was also added to the information.
  • PHP scripts that now only have 1 file to them are available for download as plaintext files with the extension “phpcode” that just need to be renamed to “php”; instead of zipping them.

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