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Project Updates:
  • Much Better coloring: I played around with coloring algorithms and color scales a bit and finally came up with something I like. There is still a bad problem though where colors run together horribly when there isn’t good resolution on a section.
  • Added OpenGL Engine: The Win32 GDI engine didn’t look very good when animating, so I added an OpenGL render engine. They can be chosen through the Configuration Dialog. This also makes the project 1 step closer to a Linux port. :-)
  • Added configuration dialog with many options (Enter key)
    • Boundaries: Boundaries can now be seen and manually set. These are normally changed through mouse clicks and w/a/s/d keys.
    • Window Dimensions: Window dimensions can now be seen and manually set. These are normally changed by resizing the window.
    • Julia Fractal Config [NEW OPTION]: Configure what Julia Fractal is shown.
    • Detail Level: Detail level can now be seen and manually set. This is normally changed by the +/- keys.
    • Enable Animation [NEW OPTION]: Since animating can slow things down and is kind of unnecessary, I have added an option to bypass it.
    • Zoom: This displays the zoom level, which is determined by the X boundaries.
    • Current Pixel Information: Displays the information about the currently moused over pixel.
    • Render Engine [NEW OPTION]: Choose what render engine to use.

Other Update Information:
  • New screenshots in the content section and old screenshots are now hidden behind a link.
  • Version number has been updated to 0.50.
  • Rating has been raised from a 5 to a 7 since the project is a little further along.
  • Updated the Project Time span and Project Time to 10 hours, since I’ve spent about 5 more hours on it.
  • Updated content section and readme to reflect new updates.
  • I am including a binary version (NoOGL) that does not include OpenGL to remove the dependency if the person doesn’t have it.

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