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Updates > Julia Fractal v0.51 and Pixel Shader Version
Updates > Julia Fractal v0.51 and Pixel Shader Version

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v0.51: Binary | Source

Project Updates:
  • Optimizations:
    • Changed lots of signed numbers to unsigned for theoretical better resolution in the long run.
    • In the coloring algorithm, “Bailout Radius”, and “Power” are constants, so I removed (commented out) their variables and turned anything that used them (i.e. floating point functions) into constants. This removed a lot of unnecessary floating point calculations for each pixel.
    • Added some precalculations into the fractal drawing section to speed up pixel calculations.
  • Fixes:
    • The coordinates of the moused over pixel were being improperly calculated because I had forgotten the window was being drawn and calculated in a bottom to top fashion (Y=0 is at the bottom).

New Pixel Shader Implementation:

I have made a new sub project, available in the binary and source downloads, that might be eventually integrated into the main project. This proof of concept renders 100% of the fractal for each frame on the GPU. It is much faster and much smoother :-). See the Content Section for more information.

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