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Updates > Julia Fractals: Added Animation
Updates > Julia Fractals: Added Animation

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v0.15: Binary | Source

I added animation when zooming in and out. This is achieved by drawing the new fractal level into a buffer, and then resizing and translating both fractal level buffers appropriately over a fixed number of frames to animate a zoom effect. It would, of course, be optimal to redraw the entire fractal on each frame of the animation, but this would be a MAJOR speed hit.

The visual quality doesn’t look as good as I’d like at the moment due to XP’s StretchBlt API not using very good resizing algorithms, but it will do for now. Basically, colors show up too brightly when being resized. I can just plug in another resizing algorithm later that will give better results, possibly using a GPU API (DirectX or OpenGL) for optimal results and speed.

I also cleaned up the comments a little.

Time spent on update: 2.5 hours
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