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I decided the rather clumsy image effects on my posts with thumbnail galleries needed to be redone badly. They originally just displayed the full size pictures centered horizontally in the browser and then slightly above or below the current mouse position vertically, but this really did not work very well.

I just redid the HTML code in each of the thumbnail gallery posts so they are compatible with a new script I just now wrote [v0.9] in about two and a half hours. It kind of zooms in on the images when you mouse over them.

I still see a few bugs in the script and things I need to fix, but this is fine for now as I am exhausted and really need sleep. I thought this up as I was trying to sleep earlier, so I ended up giving up on sleeping in lieu of writing this to get it out of my system.

Things that need fixing still:
  • Do not allow picture to overlap browser window (if it can fit)
  • The animation seems a little choppy... need to see if it can be speed up
  • Possible optional addition later: Position pictures in different directions of the thumbnail (above, below, or centered around each corner)
  • IE bug when picture first loads and improper dimensions are read

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