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I’ve had the site ready to launch for almost 3 weeks now except for 2 major tasks. The first was getting up a license on the page and across all projects, which I completed about a week ago. The second was to go through the entire website in FireFox, IE, Linux, and without JavaScript to confirm everything is working properly. I still have yet to do this final task, which I will be doing later today, and I know of at least 1 major design bug in IE, but I need to launch now as I am starting to advertise the new site at a few places.

There is still a list a mile long of things I want to get up on the site and need to accomplish, but it is now at a state I am happy with to start letting people see it. So as of right now, I am putting it up at the root www.castledragmire.com for all to see. Yay!

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