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I finally got around to bringing this ~20 year old website somewhat up to date.
  • Hid ~10 old projects that noone would care about or are silly to download an executable for when a website could just as easily handle it.
  • Redid the projects page to list projects by type, cleaned up the layout, and removed the silly sorting and smart table stuff.
  • Changed background to a solid color instead of 1px stripes, which didn’t work well on mobile.
  • Fixed layout issues with dynamic section borders
  • Fixed other layout issues with CSS that are now compatible with modern browsers
  • Added mobile compatibility tags and standardized to webfonts for mobile compatibility
  • Fixed anything that used adobe/macromedia flash
  • Removed IE6 compatibility layer
  • Updated copyright and license information
  • Got rid of the silly glossary functionality
  • Made sure all links now use https instead of http
  • Added my email address to the contact page
  • Overhauled the search page

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