Name: Jeffrey
Age: 17
Residence: Texas (damn heat)
Occupation: School... Tutoring for $, programming

My Emulation Experience: I've been in for many many years. I am the author of  HyNes.  The first emulator I ever used was ZSnes, and it is my favorite, I also used  Nesticle and Genecyst alot, then along came UltraHle which brought me headstrong into the emulation scene.  I recommend all of these emulators  highly.

About me: I am a senior at  Rockwall High School, and can't wait to get that hell over with and go into college.  I am into programming and gaming and anything else computer related.  I am an eagle scout, and was a percussionist in band from the 6th grade to 10th grade, but it was just too much time and work, so I quit. Besides that, and spending time with my friends, I am a recluse and spend all my time on my computer at my house. Some other stuff... let's see... I am an otaku.  I love anime, not the English syndicated TV crap where they remove all the good content and start on episode 13.  The first series I saw was Tenchi Muyou, and that is defiantly one of my favorites.  If anyone actually reads this, open your eyes up to new things, explore the world and different cultures, see what is out there.  That is how I found anime, and it has made my life much happier.