Full Name: Will Erickson
Age: 15
Residence: Oregon (As hot as Kansas and Texas combined at 3pm right now!)
Occupation: Well...not much really, just this site and my OpenGL book
ICQ Number: 77552192
Position at Hynes: I guess I'm what you would call second in command(maybee)...I am in charge of all the CGI related stuff, I post the news...and I'm a Admin at our message board(everybody is except for Multiman).
Other Emu-related jobs: Well I just mainly work here...I guess I don't really do much else, but I did make a nifty animated chicken gif(), and I plan to create or help create a Gamecube emu in the near future...what else is there to say other than, anyone wanna help :)

My Emulation Experience: Well I came to the emulation scene around this time last year...I was looking for old remakes of NES games and I ended up finding Nesticle and the rest of the Emulation scene along with it...I've learned a lot since I came to the scene, and I'm learning more and more every day

About me: Welp...Im a real nerdy guy...even though I don't look it ;) I've been a computer programmer for about 3 years now...I started in the 7th grade learning Pascal in my computer programming class...I am aquainted with many programming languages...but I think I know java the best...so if any of you have a job opening...I'm your man ;) well thats about it...if you want to know more...well TOOO BAD!!! :)