ROM Hacks

All files available for download here are IPS patches, not ROMs.
To play the hacks, you must use an IPS patching utility (like SNESTool) and apply the patch on the original ROM.
Hacked Game Hack Name Game Hacker
Super Mario Bros. Strange Mario Bros. Acmlm
Super Mario Bros. 2 Strange Mario Bros. 2 Acmlm
Super Mario Bros. 3 Strange Mario Bros. 3 Acmlm
Final Fantasy Mario Fantasy Adventure Acmlm
Super Mario Bros. 2 Super Carrots, A New Harvest DarKnight13
Super Mario Bros. 3 Super Mario Bros. 3 Challenge X-4000
Metroid Metroid Callenge Curtis Himel
Final Fantasy Final Fantasy Epica Codeman
Dragon Warrior Dragoon X Omega Sliver_X