All Items in red still need to be added.
User settings saved in Hynes.usr (DO NOT EDIT!)
Hotkeys listed in menus, these keys can not be used by the user for controls to the games.Will be able to be changed later
Load File - Includes mappers and organize by mapper
Log Wave Output (Currently the waves are done in 5 channels, I will combine them into 1 later. Right now only the square wave channels are done.
Log Video Output

Screenshots (Saved under the save directory)
Dumping Name Tables (Saved under the save directory)
Dumping Tile Tables (Saved under the save directory)
Dumping Palette (Saved under the save directory)
Dumping the Rom into a new rom file, which will contain changed assembly code and vrom (Saved under the save directory)
Dumping the full assembly of the rom into a text file. (Saved under the save directory)
Opcode Data - This lists all the valid opcodes for the nes and their statistics
Directories - This lets you configures the save directory path (must already be made) and the rom directory path, which can also be changed by navigating through the load file form.
Free Rom (Erases the rom from the computer ram, basically like turning off the nes)
Pause (with advance frame)
Reset (Like hitting the reset button on the NES)
Hard Reset (like turning off the power to the NES and turning it back on)
View Palette/Name Tables/Tile Tables/Edit Tile- All these are intertwined to let the user change any graphics they want to in the nes's RAM (to change the tiles on the name tables, right click, to select, left click.
View all All Sprites - These are the sprytes stored in the ROM, you can change them through the edit tile.
Save State/Load State (Can use custom names ro numbers 0-9)
Rom information
Game Genie Codes
Make Codes (Can not yet store that value permenently)
View Assembly (Can not yet edit the assembly)
Wave Output (will be added when all waves are combined into one channel)

4 Players (Experimental)
2 Players
Choose Player Controls (For now, only use the regular controler, others are experimental) - can Change Player Controls and rapid fire key controls.
Can Change to NTSC and PAL screens (256X224) and (256x240) resolutions respectivly.
Monochrome support ^_^
Take off layers 1-3
Network Support
Enabled/Disable Sound (slight speed increase at lower resolutions)
Flip Mirroring
Change Resolutions
Go Full Screen and change screen resolution
Different Palettes
Custom Pallete according to hue, brightness, and tint
Load Palette
Frame Skipping/Auto Frame Rate
Different Border Styles
Enabled/Disable individual sound channels
About form
Messages shown on screen (and saved in message form, up to 1000 messages saved)
Turn on/off messages
Change Virtual fps at auto frame rate (Under NES TIming, more to be added later)
Sound Options
Screen Savers (Right now only no saver, and the chicken save work.)
Enable/Disable FPS
Low Run Mode
Custom Mouse

Disable/Enable Always on Top