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Tuesday November 28, 2000
HyNES vs. Emu Scene? 6:39AM
HyNES website has been updated by its author, Ganondorf, with some words about HyNES effect. According him, Eli (Pretendo) and Don (BasicNES) issues are alright.

I talked it over with Eli, and we got things straightened out. I know some bad things were said on both sides and it could have easily been avoided. One thing I need to say is that from now on I will put it in the readme, and make sure everyone knows this next version will be just a gui also, but after that games will start running. I probably left the readme out because I never read them myself, I always just poke through a program till I have it fully learned. I am going to appologize to Eli, even though alot of it was his fault also. But enough of this, the emulation scene is supposed to be a tightly knit community of friends, and this bickering just doesn't fit. Well, if Eli, or dan, whom i still need to talk to, decides to continue their emulators, I would still be in support of it, I never said I wasn't, and I looked at the latest version of BasicNes, and It has come a LONG way from last when I saw it. Peace out. Talked it out with don also, looks like it's all good now, I think we were all just having a really bad day... or week... or whatever...

Related Link: HyNES Website
Kinox :: MGandhi

Sunday November 26, 2000
HyNES Unknown
Ganondorf has made an update to the homepage of HyNES saying that he has straightened everything out with Eli of Pretendo and Don of BasicNES. I hope that they continue work on their emulators, it would be great if they did, no that this matter has apparently been solved

To find HyNES, just look to your right under Hosted =)
EmuHelp :: SS4Gogita

Saturday November 25, 2000
HyNES Unknown
I fully support what Dabods said and I also wanted to point out the Ganondorf has responded to what both authors have said at the HyNES site

To go the the HyNES site, just look to your right, under Hosted
EmuHelp :: SS4Gogita

HyNES Unknown
It seems people are getting on the bandwagon by bashing HyNES. It all started with Eli, the author of Pretendo, who attacked project for many reasons, that it isn't a contributing emulator, it "confuses newbies" because it doesn't run games, and that there are many people running the site (is that a problem?). Now today the author of BasicNES said he quits the scene. Why? Because of HyNES. Saying when stuff like this happens, it makes him reconsider making it in the first place. Here's what I'd like to say. As for complaining about there being too many emulators, emulation isn't to play games. Emulation is to prove it's possible, both to the users and to the author of the emulator. Emulators are always welcome, it's fun for the author and the user. I have talked to Ganondorf many times, I know him very well. He did not release the emulator for fame, to be respected, to get his name out. He released it mainly so people who knew him could see what was done. He did not put up the emulator to download at the news sites that posted about it, it's not his fault they "added it to the list of 50 emulators to confuse newbies." He did not ask for that. At no time did he claim it was anything more than a gui, and did not try to "trick" anybody. Any site worth a damn will tell you something about an emulator, and if it says gui only next to it, and it confuses that newbie, that newbie has no business even having a computer. Bottom line, he did not release the emulator for himself, or to try to fool anybody, he made it clear, and attacking him or quitting the scene because of it is lame.
EmuHelp :: dabods

I don't know how Mr. Finch feels about HyNES, but I've got this to say, totally independent of him: I'm a close friend of the Pretendo author, who has been in the 'scene' alongside me for close to 4 years. He was the first person to help me with NES, besides Akilla. I'm 17 years old, and yet why do I come off as a coder and not a 'warez-kiddie'? Simple, I understand the fact that you don't release 'emulators' that are just GUIs, you can put up a few screenshots of it or smth. Also, we already have 50 NES emulators for x86 platforms, and mine has been around for a few years now. If I can recall, you also insulted my emulator on AIM, maybe not intentionally, that I don't know, but I took it as an insult. Emulation is about fun and not how many ROMs you have, and like Delta, I doubt you have 1400 carts for your ROMs. basicNES is the result of hard work and many many hours of coding, not something I could've whipped up in 15 minutes, like HyNES is. So look before you jump into the whole next time, or it may come back to bite you...[these sort of things make me want to re-think the open source license... I wonder how Linux people put up with it...]

(15 minutes later) What began as a quest ends in bullshit. I'm actually very sorry it has to end this way, but when we have people throwing around GUIs like they're emulators, it must end. I announce my resignation from this 'scene' for the final time, and 1.51 WILL BE THE FINAL VERSION OF BASICNES. I sure would've liked to show the public more, but I want no updates further on this project. The sort of things that happen in emulation make me rethink the reason I wrote basicNES to begin with. I'd like to say sorry to all my real followers, please e-mail me, and also to David Finch, who helped me in the last days of the project. David, please use your smarts and make a NES emulator in C++, and show me what you do! I will leave this page up as a final notice to the lamers. As for the rest of you, be happy you influenced me to stop coding emulators, and quit participating in the scene. Thanks to my followers, a big screw you to HyNES and any others who didn't believe in me... Peace
BasicNES :: Don Jarrett

Friday November 24, 2000
news Unknown
This will be the last Pretendo news bit for a long time. Contained within the context of the following, are issues that some Pretendo followers probably do not want me to adress. Unfortunately, my procrastination in doing so just allows me to further delay the inevitable. I'll throw the main point of this update onto the table now. I have a feeling this update will be rather long, so in the event that you don't feel like reading the rest of it, Pretendo is "dead", and I am leaving the NES emulation scene. For those who wish to read on, please allow me to better explain myself, before you jump to erratic conclusions. I am going to be touching on a lot fo points and issues, but first I would like to talk about the history of Pretendo. When I was in the tenth grade, a friend of mine had showed me (the now infamous) NESticle. He explained to me all about emulation, and I simply thought to myself "I need to make one of those!" Pretendo was born. Sort of. It was just a name (that another friend of mine suggested) and a vision. At the time, I had been programming in VB for about one and a half years. Although feasible, I knew that writing a Nintendo emulator in VB would prove to be difficult, and impractical. So I took some time to learn C. The first version of Pretendo was born sometime in the later part of that year. In fact, Pretendo started out merely as a win32 port of Mr. Bero's FCE, which at the time, I recall, was one of the only NES emulators with sources available. Note that at this time, there were hardly any NES emulators for win32. The idea behind this early version, was just to see whether or not I learned enough C/Win32/DirectX nonsense, and apply it to a NES emulator. I am not deeming myself a saint. The first few versions of Pretendo (even publicly available) were based on FCE, and I recall noting that in the readme. Sometime around public version 0.02 I invited PrOxY to work on the project with me, and things started moving nicely. We soon agreed it was time to rewrite the emulator. In June of 1999 (I think) we started the rewrite, which I don't think we would have "finished" as early as we did if it hadn't been for the generous help of the people in #nesdev, especially nyef (of DarcNES fame). I would like to take this time out to thank Alastair for his generous help, and for being a good friend. If you're reading this, lunch was great that day! I would also like to thank Neil Bradley for his tremendous help with anything and everything 6502 related. After the "WIP" release of Pretendo (first public version with new codebase), PrOxY and I kept working very hard to deliver a good NES emulator for win32. I soon noticed that the number of new NES emulators was increasing more rapidly as time went by, which eventually led to a reason as to why Pretendo's status is as it is now. I will discuss that later, though. Sometime in June, I started using BeOS lots more than I used to, and decided to port Pretendo, and I did just that. Later that month. I had experienced an array of personal problems, and decided to leave the "scene" for awhile. I did just that, and watched it slowly become lame, and eventually turn into the mess it currently is right now. In late September, I started a final rewrite of Pretendo, which I probably would not have ever started unless my circumstances were not as they were. I had just started college, and found things very difficult after coming out of a bad depression. Things got to a point where I stopped going to class, or doing much of anything, short of sleeping during the day, and coding at night. I wrote a very solid codebase in about a week, though, and it has been sitting on my hard drive, virtually untouched until recently. That is pretty much the boring story of Pretendo. Now I will explain everything about my leaving the scene, and closing the doors on Pretendo. Take a moment, and visit your favourite emulation site. Find their NES section, and count the emulators. There must be over fifty known NES emulators. Does anyone see a problem here? Each OS has a few good NES emulators to choose from, which is fine. A user needs some selection, so he or she can choose what works for him or her. Fifty is a large number. Too large for any emulation newbie to decide on something. To be honest, I don't care which emulator someone uses, because I know that there are maybe ten or so that are actually worth using. I really think that we don't need anymore new NES emulators, especially worthless ones. Essentially, I am sick of seeing a new, and often worthless NES emulator released nearly every day. I am probably exaggerating, but the number seems to be exponentially increasing. The reasons for which these emulators annoy me are probably silly, but I must share them. My first concern is the lack of knowledge some authors posess. Plain and simple. To write a NES emulator, you need to know, and understand NES architecture to some high degree. Writing an emulator is not a game, nor a popularity contest, nor an excuse to own an overly large ROM collection. It is not about being a 14 year old warez kiddie who wants attention, and it is certainly not a valid excuse to rip sources from varous places, and not credit original authors. Unfortunately, this is what is happening in the NES emulator scene, and it makes me sick. It really is too bad for those of us who actually know what we are doing. I'm sorry if what I'm about to say offends anyone (and you'll see why) but I have to put it out in the open, because all of what is within this text is to explain my decisions. This is not an attempt to flame anyone, but some people just need to get a clue. Two weeks ago, or so, I came home from work, and did my usual roundabout the internet, emulation sites included. I learned that a new NES "emulator" (you'll understand the quotes soon) was released, called HyNES. Now, again, I'm sorry, but this "emulator" nearly embodies all the lameness in the scene. First of all, it's not even an emulator. It's a silly attempt of capturing the attention of innocent emu-fans, like myself. Sorry, but I must expose HyNES in order to further explain myself. So, we have a bunch of 14, 15, and 16 year olds (I don't know exaclty, there's like 32987 people working on this thing) who create a GUI in VB, and decide to release it as a NES emulator beta release, or something like that. I like trying out new NES emulators, so I booted in to windows, and was quite disappointed, and annoyed to find out it was nothing more than a (poorly coded and overly fancy) GUI. Thank you for wasting my time. Being the curious person that I am, I just needed to pay a visit to their site. And this is what I gathered. It's a bunch of adolescents bitching about everyday life (which is okay, becuase I rant too) who seek credibility, and acceptance into the NES scene in having posted to message boards many times, having collected myriads of ROMs (I'm _sure_ you own 3500 carts buddy), having been in the emu scene for X amount of time, and the usual childish humour that we find on most websites. I'm sorry guys, but it is clearly evident that not one of you has any inkling of knowledge or understanding of NES architecture. Please stop wasting everyone's time. Go ahdead and prove me wrong. Learn your NES, and release a real emulator. Moving on, I recently learned that a CyberBry character has ripped a bunch of source code from one of the better NES emulators, nester, and has created a workoff of it, called Famicommunist. Neat name. Nothing wrong with consulting, and/or borrowing sources, I've done it myself. But seriously, if one borrows sources, he or she should make sure to credit the original author(s), and try not to violate liscence argreements, like GPL. This was pretty much what happened in this case. Okay, bottom line here. Emulation is about fun and nostalgia, not creating a lame scene infested with warez kiddies. There are too many lacking NES emulators, and they are spoiling the nostalgia and fun. Essentially, what we have is a thick, cold, grey soup of NES emulators, with just a few that stand out and bring flavour and warmth to our soup. I am sick of soup. Notwithstanding all of that madness, there is even more to the story. Perhaps this had less of an impact on my decision, but I still feel it hold importance, and has aided my decisions. IRC is very counterproductive. Sure it's nice for chatting with the people you enjoy chatting with, or whatever else you use it for, but it is still time wasting, in my case. I'm sure I've probably spent countless hours in #nesdev, but short of meeting a bunch of nice (and helpful) fellows that I actually like to chat with on a regular basis, it's completely ridiculous. I am upset with the way things are run in that channel. This only applies to a select few, but basically, stop trying to run the show, stop thinking you are all that, and stop thinking that everyone else is your bitch. Obviously this channel is not the place to be for discussing NES related jabber, but a place where people (most of whom know their NES very well) can flaunt their sixpack of ego. You (might) know who you are... (Dead_Body: you know who I'm talking about ^_^) it makes me sick. Now I'm sure I could touch on a few more points, but I realised this is become some sort of epic story, so I'll try and wrap things up somewhat. Basically, I currently lack the necessary motivation to be a member of a scene that I dislike. I lack all motivation pertinent to my continuing of Pretendo on a public level, especially after the two or so years I have worked hard with PrOxY on Pretendo and received barely any gratitude. I would now like to take the time out to thank anyone and everyone who has helped us out in any way whatsoever. Thank you to all who have helped me in learning NES architecture. Thanks to all who have extended their knowledge and help, so that I was enable to get certain things working, fix bugs, or embed new ideas into Pretendo. Thank you to all the fans, friends and supporters. It means a lot to me, and I don't want anyone to think that all of this went un-appreciated. I need not name names, as I am pretty sure that these people know exactly who they are. Again, thanks a lot guys. So where do I go from here? Well, here's the deal. I am by no means parting with my NES. I am in the process of building a prototype of a devkit/rom dumper (shout outs to Kevin Horton, he knows what for). Things are going along quite nicely, and I hope to have it working right in a week or two. I will now be devoting most of my free time towards NES development, and reverse engineering, instead of working on things like Pretendo, and nescience. NES development and RE are much more interesting NES related facets to me than emulation. Does this mean Pretendo is completely dead? No. It does not. PrOxY and I will be continuing it on a private level, releasing betas and other suchwhat to friends and family, supporters, people we like, and trust, etc. This means you will not see a new version of Pretendo for download any time soon. If we decide any release to be public, it won't be for a long time. We do not intend to add more broth to the grey soup unless it's for flavour. I'm sorry if that doesn't float anyone's boat. It floats mine, and I'm satisfied with the decision. Wondering if you can help out with Pretendo? Yes, you can. Helping out will do two things. One, it will earn you private beta releases, and two, it will speed up any possible public release. This is the deal. I have about 50 or so publicly available NES ROM images. I have about 75 US, and about 20 or so JPN carts that are waiting to be dumped by myself. I will be testing Pretendo _only_ with the publicly available ROMs, and anything I own, and can therefore dump. You can help out by donating carts for Pretendo's cause. This will earn you beta releases, and a spot in the credits. Note, the more people that help out, the more motivated I will be to continue development of Pretendo. As for nescience (NSF player for BeOS) I will continue developing it on a "when I feel like it" basis. It will still be open sourced, and it will be publicly released. So I guess this is it. I hope that wasn't too boring, but I think I said what I needed to say, and I can now do what I need to do. I can still be contacted via the usual email (, ICQ (26295185), IRC (scanty (EfNet)), and AIM. Feel free to drop me a line. As per usual, ROM requests will be ignored ;). Keep the nostalgia, and long live NES! :: Eli

Thursday November 2, 2000
HyNES 8:44AM
A new NES emulator for Win9x/00 called HyNES has been released. HyNES was coded using Microsoft Visual Basic which means you'll require the runtime file of Msvbvm60.dll. Its got a Zelda-like GUI, and is very impressive. It has a palette editor support, savestate support, .WAV output support, screenshot support, and it supports 5 screen resolutions. Its worth a look at, if only for the crispy GUI.

You can check it out by visiting the NES emulators section.
Zophars Domain :: Lycia

Wednsday November 1, 2000
HyNES released! 10:56PM
HyNES is a NES emulator for Windows. This is the first release.

HyNES (150kb)
NES Emulators Download Page
EmuUnlim :: theman078

HyNES Release! 9:50PM
I saw over at RetroGames that a new NES emulator called HyNES has been released. This emulator is for Windows and has an interesting GUI. For more info visit the HyNES Homepage.

Download it here! [149kb]
EmuHQ :: bwb

HyNES 4:25PM
Un nouvel émulateur NES viens de voir le jour. Enfin, je devrais plutôt dire une nouvelle interface graphique.
En effet HyNES n'émule aucun jeu pour l'instant :] Mais mon Dieu, quelle interface ! A la fois belle est complète.
Si vous voulez matter ca, je vous laisser aller télécharger l'ému sur son Site officiel.
PoPList :: Sir Jaguar

HyNES released! 1:11PM
A new NES emulator named HyNES has been released! Well this is not your usual NES emulator as it has a cool looking GUI. I don't have a list of features for you as none were posted!

Download HyNES (149 KB)
EmuSphere :: Skates

HyNES alpha 11:09AM
HyNES est encore un nouvel emulateur Nes. Les auteurs étant avare en informations, je vous laisse découvrir cet emulateur par vous même. Merci à Ben-J pour l'info.

Download : HyNES alpha [149 Ko].
En savoir plus ? : Le Site Officiel.
Gwenju Emulation :: Unknown

HyNES Alpha 11:09AM
As announced some days ago by P-Strife, HyNES has been released. This first version (Alpha) of HyNES features some nice stuff:
ø GUI screensaver
ø Modem/LAN support
ø Complete ROM info
ø Game Genie Codes
ø 99 Save Slots
ø Keyboard Mapper
and much more.
The alpha is now released, but I'm not going to start telling news sites until i get the full blown beta out (completed gui). I didn't even try to finalize it, so there may be alot of errors, I don't know, but the next release will have all those simple errors (like things taken out for debugging) fixed. I don't know. *sigh*
To download HyNES, click in the related link. Thanks to Magnavox for the news
Related Link: HyNES Website
Kinox :: MGandhi

HyNES released! Unknown
Well the first version of HyNES was released. I must say the GUI is rather impressive, I've never seen one like it. But I know little to nothing about this emulator because it has no documention or readme or anything. Hopefully some information will come out soon about it.

Feel free to pick up HyNES on our NES Emu Page.
DarkMazda's Domain :: DtK

HyNES Released Unknown
According to Retrogames, HyNES is a alpha NES emulator for Windows 9x... but it has a great GUI. Do you want to test it? Do it, of course, and then, discuss about it in our Genera Forum ;)
EmuM@nia :: Unknown

HyNES Alpha Unknown
A new NES emu called HyNES has been released. It's designed for Win9x and has a great looking GUI with lots of features. Normally I wouldn't post about it, because 1. it's the alpha release, 2. it's a NES emu (joke) and 3. I couldn't run any game with it (probably my mistake). But the GUI is just too fantastic to be ignored :) Click here to get and test it - thanks to WWEmu for the news :)
Retrogames :: Opi

HyNES Released! Unknown
The first version of HyNES, a new Nes emulator for Windows, has been released! HyNES has a ton of features like: GUI Screensaver, Modem/LAN games, Complete Rom Information, Rom Patch (Game Genie Codes), Save Slots (1-99), In Game Key Changing, and more! This has one of the best looking GUI's i have ever seen :) Heres some info from the homepage about this first release:

The alpha is now released, but I'm not going to start telling news sites until i get the full blown beta out (completed gui). I didn't even try to finalize it, so there may be alot of errors, I don't know, but the next release will have all those simple errors (like things taken out for debugging) fixed. I don't know. *sigh*

Download HyNES Alpha Here! (150 kb)
This is a great Nes emu that looks to have a good future, check it out :)
WWEMU! :: Duncan

HyNES alpha released... Unknown
The first version of HyNES has been released. This alpha is basically just a gui release (and a very nice gui at that). Also, make sure to navigate through the site itself, as it is filled with other nes emulator source codes, technical documents and cheat codes.
EmuHelp :: dabods

Tuesday October 31, 2000
HyNES to be released later today!!!! 2:50PM
Well, I don't know if this is worthy of any hype as of yet but Ganondorf is set to release his Win9x NES\Famicom emulator later in the day, here is a quote by fellow web master Sarevok:

Well Ganon won't release the HyNES Alpha till the end of the day...So I thought I would give ya all a sneek peek at the screensaver I've been workn on. It's only a beta so I would appreciate it if ya'll would help me catch all the errors, and give me some suggestions to improve it, on our Suggestions Board.

Okay, now go download their HyNES screensaver and wait for it's release.
Related Link: HyNES homepage
Kinox :: P-Strife