The HyNES Readme Text


What is a ROM?
A ROM is an image of an nes game directly copied from the cartige to the

Why does X ROM not work?
I have not completly finished this emulator yet, not everything is supported.

Why does X have graphical errors?
See above.

What is supported?
All Mapper 0 games are supported. To see if a game is Mapper 0, check the
Mapper Listbox when you go to the load file screen.

Where can I get X ROM?
Don't ask.

When will you update next?
See above answer.

List of Fully Emulated/Supported Stuff

-Mapper 0 Games

-Hynes save files.

-Complete CPU emulation.

-NES controller.

List of Partially or Not-Quite-Working Stuff

-Light Gun, Atari Paddle

-Sound is about 40% emulated.

-Picture Processing Unit has some glitches

List of Stuff to Be Implimented in the Future

-Option to open the save files of other emulators. Please contact me
if you have accurate information (not by goroh) on Nesticle saves.

For a full list of supported features, go to:

Basic Emu Info
This emulator was written in Visual Basic, to show the power of VB.
VB is just as powerful as c++ easily. The only problem is that it is slower.

This emulator uses scanlines to render everything; it is more accurate that
way. I left out horizontal and vertical blanking because there is no need
to show it.

For the best framerate, use the 1x resolution option in the Resolution
menu (256X224 or 256X240 according to TV type. [NTSC or PAL]).

One Final Note
I know the emulation scene is filled with lamers, and because of this
many great emu authors quit their projects. All the lamers want is to
play the games on their computer instead of going out and buying them.
The real point of emulation is to EMULATE the system perfectly. I admit,
it probably was a mistake releasing a GUI-only version one year ago today.
I didn't want a lot of people to download it and think it was a hoax.
All I wanted was to show an outline of what I would be including.
Unfortunatly, people like JTS and apprentice decided to take their misplaced
anger, show their immaturity, and do some very inappropriate things.

I almost quit HyNES, but I decided to continue after a long break. I
restarted the project from scratch a few months ago, and have put in
about a good month's work in short week-long spurts; mainly because of
real life and a newly found addiction: MMORPGS (ragnarok rules!). But
anyway, I reiterate, this emulator was only made for the purpose of emulating
the NES, and show the power of VB. I will be making it better and faster
in the future. If you don't like it, don't use it. Check it again when the
new versions come out, but don't get angry because its "crappy." Just go

Hyrulean Productions