Emu Resources

All of the following are NES Demo's designed to help emu programmers in thier tedious emu making process
Name Author Download Summary
New Nes Music Format Kevin Horton Source, Demo A new format to store/replay NES music, similar to C64's psid format.
Palette Test loopy Source, Demo This isn't any palette test program, it actually displays all the colors on the screen at once! Neat trick.
Color Bar Mark Knibbs Source No clue...you guys will have to find out
Sound Testing Program SnowBro Source, Demo It lets you toggle the bits of the sound registers.
Game Genie Codemasters Demo This is a dump of the rom used in the Game Genie. Galoob has given permission for free distribution. No source code, obviously.
NES Sound Test Cadaver Source, Demo Music code. Plays the Goldrunner song.
NES Scrolling Test Cadaver Source, Demo Multidirectional scrolling test program. Uses MMC1 mapper + one screen mirroring. Player 1īs controller adjusts scrolling (and A or B buttons stop scrolling).
Full Screen demos Chris Covell Source, Demo 4 demos that show full-screen graphics with interlacing.
CMC'80s Chris Covell Demo An excellent demo. The music isn't original, as it was ripped from the game "Magician".
Polar Demo's Chris Covell Source, Demo Some demos that rotate and expand sprites. Neat.
Motion Chris Covell Source, Demo Some demos that do low resolution full screen animation.
Wall Chris Covell Source, Demo A demo that shows transparency effects, which many emulators do not support. Supposedly, BioNES supports it somewhat.
Wavy Chris Covell Source, Demo CMC logo with good scrolling effects and palette cycling.
Mega Man Jet Chris Covell Source, Demo A picture of Megaman flying above some clouds.
Solar Wars Chris Covell Demo A commercial-quality Scorched Earth type of game.
Stars SE Chris Covell Source, Demo An intro with a Martin Galway tune done on the NES by Memblers.
Atomic Chris Covell Source, Demo Shows a neat pic, and cycles through some palettes.
Game Genie Decoder Chris Covell Source, Demo Useful program for converting GG codes into CPU and ROM hex values.
Interlacing Demo Chris Covell Source, Demo 3 demos showing an interlacing effect, and one more shows dithering.
NESA player Chris Covell Source, Demo NESA (NES/Audio) is a format that A/NES emulator records.
Color Test Program Chris Covell Source, Demo Set the hue and luminance values and see the NES color.
Zelda Title Screen Simulator Chris Covell Source, Demo The name says it all, it has an English Zelda title screen and a Japanese Zelda title screen, the japanese is pretty neeto to look at.

NES Programs designed to help the NES emu programmer
Name Author Download Summary
6502 SDK Unknown Download Quoted from the docs: The kit is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) similar to Borland ones, which allows you to edit, compile and (hopefully) debug your Assembly code for 65xx processors. It includes a (still rudimental) emulator and a project manager for multiple file applications. Requires Win3.11 or higher.
TRaCER Y0shi Download A disassembler for 6502/65c816.