NES Emulator Source

Name Download OS Summary
Nesa Source Unknown This is the source code for a NES emulator, NESA. You can use it as a reference for your NES emulator.
XNES Source Unknown This is the source code for another NES emulator.
FCE Source DOS FCE is a primitive NES emulator written by Bero that runs on PCs as well as PC98 (a Japanese computer). Currently, it only runs few games and has Adlib sound. It is rather buggy.
NES9x Source DOS NES9x is another upstart NES emulator. Currently, it has the Main 6502 CPU, The NES Sound System, PPU, Memory, Almost all Video Modes, and Controler 1 are emulated. It supports mappers #0, #1, #2, #3, #7.
NESEM Source DOS NESEM is a NES emulator that written in QuickBasic 7.1 with a touch of ASM (for the keyboard routines). It's done by the same author as NES4PC. It's pretty fast for being written in basic, but it has bad compatibility.
nester Source Windows nester is a good NES emulator written by Darren Ranalli (aka "bald"). It supports DirectInput, great sound, and may other features.
Nesticle 6502 core Source Windows This is not the ultimate NES emulator anymore. It features support for all sound channels, joysticks, GameGenie, on-the-fly saving, NES movie recording, and all kinds of other great options. It runs at full speed on most 486DX computers. NESticle also has great compatibility.
NEZulator Source DOS NEZulator is a primitive emulator written in Pascal that hasn't been updated in a long time. If can run very few games, and there's no sound.
Ultee Source Windows This NES emulator is coded in Delphi. It supports most of the average mappers. It also uses DirectX for rendering.
uNESential Source DOS uNESsential is the first NES emulator to be written in Quick Basic. The current release is fast, if you consider the fact that it's written in QB only, with no ASM used. It can also run a lot of commercial mapper 0 ROMs, such as Ice Cl imber and even Super Mario Bros, with scrolling!
WinNES Source Windows This NES emulator is coded in Delphi. Right now, it only has support for sound effects (no music) through midi. It also has below average mapper support.