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05-18-24 06:02AM
General disclaimer:

The site does not own and cannot be held responsible for statements made by members on the forum.
Why should I register an account at the board?

   This board requires users to register an account in order to be able to post, or use many of the features this board offers. Unregistered users can still view it, but not participate.
Can HTML be used?

   Yes, except in thread subjects, and a few other places. It will always work in posts.
Is there some sort of replacement code for HTML?

   Yes, but it's pretty limited. Here's what's can be used:
[img]URL of image to display[/img]
[url]URL of page to link to[/url]
And several color codes like [red], [green], [blue], [orange], [yellow], [pink], [white], and [black] (put [/color] to revert to normal color)

Are cookies used for this board?

   Yes, it uses cookies to store your login information. You can still use this board with cookies disabled, but you'll have to enter your username and password every time it's asked, and some features may not be available.
What are announcements?

   Announcements are messages posted by administrators only, to which nobody can reply but everybody can view.
How can I become a moderator or administrator?

   If us administrators trust you enough for this. Don't ask us, we'll ask you if we ever feel you worthy of being promoted.
What is Level and EXP, and how do I get more EXP?

   EXP is calculated from your amount of posts and how long it's been since you registered. Level is calculated from EXP. Simple as that.
What are the user rankings?

   It's all listed on the Ranks page, which also lists all moderators and administrators on this board. Ranks nobody is on aren't listed (to keep some suspense), unless you're a full moderator (moderating all the forums) or administrator on this board.
How do I add my EXP and post counters to my signature?

   Well, the following is a list of all the possible indicators you can have:
&numposts& -- Your current post count
&numdays& -- The number of days you have been a member
&level& -- Your EXP level
&exp& -- How much EXP you have
&expnext& -- How much EXP you need to go to the next level
&rank& -- Your current rank
What are all the smilies?

   Here's all of the smilies:
-- :)
-- ;)
-- :D
-- :LOL:
-- 8-)
-- :(
-- >:
-- >_<
-- :P
-- :S
-- O_O
-- o_O
-- ^_^
-- ^^;;;
-- ~:o
-- x_x
-- _

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