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06-21-24 04:06AM
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From: Texas, U.S.A

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Posted on 04-01-02 10:29 PMQuote | Edit | Delete

I assume that the new version (when you update) will automactically remember (always) on top and location where I move it to? (since I like mine collapse and move to the top left corner of my RO screen) just curious

so far the exp party share seems to work ONLY when the characters are close to each other levels.. if not.. you don't get much of anything (even to 40 to 32.. the level 32 gets nothing.. but if you have two 32s they get even exp even if the other didn't do anything)

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Since: 03-03-02
From: South Carolina

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Posted on 04-02-02 04:02 AMQuote | Edit | Delete
Ok, what I plan on doing with it...
First, it will now also show if you collapse your basic info window internally in the menu bar, it won't show wrong values when you first enter the program or get new levels, and it will keep working when the basic info window is collapsed. It will keep track of your exp per minute in the external window, and total exp gained since you entered RO in the external window.

The external window already does save always on top and location...

[edit] oops, apprently it didn't work on the latest version that I released, noone mentioned that to me I guess it's cause most people use the internal viewer... It KIND of works... but only after you collapse the window, it will all be fixed ... some other options i am thinking of adding are an option to where you want it to display the text inside the basic info window, or if you want it in another window, if you want it to display over a white background, what info you want included, etc.

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Sasami's Ragnarok World Forums (LOCKED) - Exp Viewer Discussion - Exp settings |
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