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06-23-24 06:39PM
Sasami's Ragnarok World Forums (LOCKED) - Exp Viewer Discussion - v1.2 |
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Since: 05-17-02

Since last post: 8056 days
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Posted on 05-19-02 05:33 PMQuote | Edit | Delete
And I love having just the gained and % in the collapsed view!
Thanks so much Sasami! A wonderful release

Goddess in Training

Since: 02-18-02
From: Back in texas! YAY! college sucked!
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Since last post: 7416 days
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Posted on 05-19-02 06:34 PMQuote | Edit | Delete
that's what i was adding in yesterday when i was called off to help my friend at the community service hehe, I'm TRYING to finish another program for ragnarok I just started today, but I barely get to type 1 line a minute b/c I'm doing too many things -.- right now I am in a business proposition that might earn me enough money to completly pay off the server so i don't have to worry about it. *goes back to other chat windows*

(edited by Sasami on 05-19-02 01:37 PM)

Since: 04-28-02
From: Portugal

Since last post: 8037 days
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Posted on 05-20-02 10:46 PMQuote | Edit | Delete
yeah, the exp viewer is great, it actually makes me feel like im progressing anything in ro.
(which can be great if you're playing a merchant....)

And once again our friend, and semi-hero posts again....


Since: 05-17-02

Since last post: 8056 days
Last activity: 8052 days
Posted on 05-20-02 11:17 PMQuote | Edit | Delete
Doomcraft: I just so happen to be a merchant (main character, at least), and I know exactly what you mean. Seeing what exp I'm getting is a real incentive to level my merchant. (Which means more slots in vend!) XD

Sasami: good luck with that business deal! That would be very cool.



Since: 04-16-02
Rating: 10 (400 pts)

Since last post: 7509 days
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Posted on 05-21-02 03:56 AMQuote | Edit | Delete
I have to totally agree.. Sasami's exp viewer is probably one of the few things left to play... at least it is a progress that RO SHOULD have built it... people are always more number oriented than "graphical" at least in most games they have an option to switch from one to the other

Your Local Merchant on Chaos/Loki

Since: 04-30-02
From: @Home

Since last post: 7916 days
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Posted on 05-21-02 07:47 AMQuote | Edit | Delete
yup i love the program. it's probably the reason why i still play RO too. and trust me i'm not sucking up


Since: 05-03-02
From: Illinois, USA

Since last post: 7972 days
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Posted on 05-22-02 05:44 AMQuote | Edit | Delete
I like if it supported 4 digits so I get a hundredth place when the whole number is 10 or above. Sometimes I don't even notice any exp change when it only shows tenth.
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Sasami's Ragnarok World Forums (LOCKED) - Exp Viewer Discussion - v1.2 |
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