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06-23-24 05:25PM
Sasami's Ragnarok World Forums (LOCKED) - Exp Viewer Discussion - Need the Exp viewer for Jap RO client |
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Since: 05-07-02

Since last post: 8043 days
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Posted on 06-07-02 12:25 AMQuote | Edit | Delete
I need exactly what the thread title says.

I play mostly on the japanese server, so I would like to have the viewer for the jap client to, is this possible?

Since: 05-20-02
From: Detroit MI

Since last post: 8052 days
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Posted on 06-07-02 03:05 PMQuote | Edit | Delete
Sasami can correct me if I'm wrong, but for some time (and I think it's correct yet also) the memory values are identical between english client and the Japanese client.
The first version of the exp viewer I first "heard" about (around patch 50-60's?) was an exe generated by + for the Japanese side of things. It worked fine for Eng. Then later memory changes "broke" that one even, and ENG'ers decided to start a version of their own (1 or 2 others + Sasami). But even thru the 100's or so (the server move time) memory values "matched" and I was able to use the EXP viewer when playing J-RO. So in all probability, its fully compatable even today (barring the changes needing to fix the job exp mem loc with current version). It's been awhile since I've ran the Japanese client to be sure however..

The only thing I don't know for certain is the "patchability" into the client.
(I always run mine external...never ran it internal).

Edit: Doh...
then again after typing out all this EXP viewing History... if you look on Sasami's "Programs" section the exp viewer is stated right there:

"WORKS WITH ALL PATCHES JAPANESE AND ENGLISH! (Please read the Read Me for some information.)"

Ah well..

(edited by Datcha on 06-07-02 10:08 AM)

Goddess in Training

Since: 02-18-02
From: Back in texas! YAY! college sucked!
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Since last post: 7416 days
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Posted on 06-07-02 03:37 PMQuote | Edit | Delete
You are for the most part pretty accurate. There was the japense external exp viewer I saw for patch 30-40 i think, it broke on an upgrade, I made my own external viewer and updated it for every patch. Ended up making the internal viewer and after having to fix it three or 4 times, it was such a pain in the arse I made the dynamic patching protocols which have only failed 3 times (2 times really, I knew they would break again but i didnt feel like fixing them up properly). When I fix it up properly again when I gain the initiative it will work for both more than likely, but I no longer have the japanese client installed.

Since: 05-07-02

Since last post: 8043 days
Last activity: 8036 days
Posted on 06-16-02 03:51 AMQuote | Edit | Delete
so in other words you are not going to make a new one that you will release for Jap?

Since: 04-26-02

Since last post: 8015 days
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Posted on 06-17-02 05:56 AMQuote | Edit | Delete
the current patch of jRO is compatiable with sasami's exp viewer
just apply the patch normally like you do with eRO.

Since: 06-05-02
From: NW ITaly (EU)

Since last post: 7669 days
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Posted on 06-22-02 08:07 PMQuote | Edit | Delete
I tried it myself today. I use it as Ext viewer without patch.

It work even better then the eng-ro version.

At least u can see the Job exp correctly.

hmm a suggestion... check it point to the correct ragexe...

AlainCh ( in the correct folder.
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Sasami's Ragnarok World Forums (LOCKED) - Exp Viewer Discussion - Need the Exp viewer for Jap RO client |
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