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05-29-20 04:30PM
Sasami's Ragnarok World Forums (LOCKED) - General Discussion - Bot Crasher? Bot detector? |
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Posted on 10-08-03 07:42 AMQuote
Is it really possible? I read somewhere at Sasami's webbie that it is possible but Gravity just wont listen... hmm.. If it is.. wow.. goodbye bots!

and also.. there are some people who knows how many bots online and how many people who hacks are online... wah? how? are they using some sort of program?

Since: 05-10-02
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Posted on 10-21-03 06:09 AMQuote
Sounds good ne? There was a method involving a special ascii message a long time ago. But that was a long time ago...maybe Gravity fixed it, thinking it was a bug. Or maybe they didn't. I've never learned how to pull this attack off.

I don't believe that it was 100% successful though...there are more bots out there than you can count on 2 hands...and 2 feet...theoretically. The chance that one fix will be able to take care of them all is surprisingly small...

...but there is a chance. Maybe you'll discover it as you randomly browse the net. G'luck!

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Since: 04-16-02
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Posted on 10-29-03 09:03 PMQuote
currently I don't think there is a "code" that bot detector.. but they do have random GM asking player (suspected to bot) questions... and if you don't answer.. perma ban... kinda lame method..

there are some server side code or something that "breaks" the bot program now and then.. but they always come back after a day...


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Sasami's Ragnarok World Forums (LOCKED) - General Discussion - Bot Crasher? Bot detector? |

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