last updated: 4/4/2002 (4:02pm EST)

read this, this is important. has been very successful in its time. and IT STILL WILL NEVER SHUT DOWN!

but after a long process of evaluating what is now and what i want it to be,
i have decided to close it to the general public.

yes, basically i got sick of hearing everyone bitching all the time. i sick of the new users.
i hate the RO community. and anyone who doesnt like industrial music can basically fuck off.

so post yer last thoughts, get yer last words in. any requests or begging to become members of
the new '' will simply be ignored and not read, if not deleted.

the new members will be the active ones. mostly the programmers and industrial enthusiasts. and the
only way many of the new members being notified right now is most likely via the dalnet irc channel - although some closer members i have icq #'s and emails and such and such...

so anyways, good luck - go to apezro or elsewhere for yer public hacks. for will no longer
be a public support community for RO. which i guess is in the favor of gravity, but so be it. my decision
on this matter is final. when is it gunna happen? i dunno - we'll see.. but expect it to happen soon at the very least...

Link to temp forums to have your final say: gleek's forums

for your memories, download the gleek desktop wallpaper: click here