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M3U files in the Plex Playlist Importer now support absolute paths (smb shares and drive letters). v1.0.0.3 Binary and Source

Other updates include:
  • The readme files and project content have also been updated with clarifications and “how it works”.
  • Fixed bug caused by NULL song duration in Plex database
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Just released v1.0 (source) (binary) of this project which simply... imports playlists into Plex, via a CLI.

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I finally decided to get on the bandwagon and go ahead and start submitting my stuff to Github too. DSQL and DWCF are already on there, and I may or may not start adding a few older ones too. Here is my Dakusan profile.

Section: Projects > DSQL
DSQL has been updated to v2.0.1.0 with the following updates:
  • Added DSQLResult::Fetch() function
  • Added markdown version of readme file
  • Minor modifications to plaintext readme file
  • Altered short-open-php tag for better compatibility
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Section: Projects > DWCF

Added v1.0 of the DWCF (Dakusan’s Web Communication Framework) project.

It is a communication framework between the client and server sides of a website with an emphasis on security. It helps facilitate quick, clean, and secure asynchronous communication for a website via AJAX and JSON.

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Section: Website > Projects

Did a massive reworking of all the ratings for the projects to better reflect the current times. Minor updates to content across the projects to reflect this too.

Section: Projects > DSQL

DSQL is a MySQL library for PHP with functionality to help facilitate cleaner and quicker SQL access. It was originally part of the Other Web Scripts project (called PHP MySQL Library [v1.0 Source]), but since the documentation got so large, and it is one of the two most helpful and utilized libraries I have and use right now, I decided it was time to give it its own page. I use this heavily in all of my professional web projects.

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Section: Projects > C2MTL
C2 is a business conference that has multiple conferences per year across the world. I created multiple systems for the Montreal conference. This included an accreditation system, a partner platform for inviting attendees and a voting interface for one of the Microsoft talks