Saturday October 17, 2009
Re-release on Main Website 10:44AM CST
I have released the last version that I had worked on of HyNES on my main website, along with the older versions, some history, and a lot of information. See here for the update.
:: Dakusan

Friday June 13, 2003
Stuff 5:07AM EST
Oh geeze, so much to say. First of all, hynes IS pretty much dead for.. quite a long time, I have to many other important projects to work on at the time to worry about this old thing. This site is in a pretty dilapidated state, but I don't mind, I'm just leaving it up for histories sake as I do all my stuff. I locked up the forums cause, well, people where being stupid and spamming there.. which I'm sure I was the only one that actually saw it and deleted it out of boredom...
So what's going on, well, I'm working hard on my mmorpg, though it may be hard getting things done with all the lazy graphics people I have, the engine is advancing well. At the moment I am taking a break to fix up a lot of my old programs and throw together a nifty portfolio, and HyNes is last on my list to fix up, so sometime this summer I'll be having my final release until I get nostalgic some time way down the road and decide to go back to VB and add more. I am still proud of what I accomplished with it. It had all sorts of interior rom viewing and editing stuff and ran a good 230fps on my p500 with 2 of the 5 sound channels in at the natural resolution. Bleh, anywho, that's all I can think of. Oh, and that email below, you probably won't be able to reach me there, all I get there is spam now and I pretty much delete anything on site that shows up in it unless it is lucky enough to catch my eye with a title that makes sense. I guess that's it. Ja.
:: DarkSide

Friday November 1, 2002
Oops 11:15PM PST
          For the first time I forgot to post something on Haloween. Guess I should do the yearly update -.-... Hynes is still in a very dormant state due to other large undertankings. One of these days, probably in a few years... I will go back to it. It's just not very important right now. I worked on it for 1-2 months after the last release and got more sound and mappers added in, but I don't have it in a state to release, all fixed up like. I guess that's it. Sorry for the lack of news and updates... and for the future lack of news... and updates.
:: DarkSide

Wednesday October 31, 2001
HyNES Release 10:02PM EST
          Well, I have alot to say in this post. First, it has been a year today since I released the first version of hynes, and it only seemed fitting to release the next version today. As many of you may remember, my first release was a GUI only version that did not yet emulate any games. I just released it to show people what I had planned for the emulator, and I didn't intend for it to spread around like it did.
          Many lamers, shall I call them, did some very innapropriate things immediatly after this, which made me want to quit the project. Instead I ended up taking a break, and restarting it from scratch about 2 months ago.
          I have gotten in a good solid months work in on it since, mainly because of real life obligations, and an addiction to a massive multiplayer online rpg (ragnarok rules!). So I havn't gotten as much done as I wanted on this release. Because of the limited time I have had, there are still some bugs, and things I have not yet finished (never went through beta testers, oops), everything that SHOULD be finished is listed on the features page in black, and everything that is to be added is in red.
          Right now Hynes only supports mapper 0 games, and has very limited sound support (square waves only). The next release will be much more stable and have everything not yet implemented, in there. I hope to have the next release before years end, with HyNES running most games, faster, and all, BUT this is the second time I have made the mistake of setting a deadline, and I am not doing it again ^_^.
          I will say that I plan on moving HyNes towards the style and feel of the emulator ZSNES, which in my eyes has just about achieved perfection.
          HyNes was written in visual basic to show the power of the programming language. Visual Basic can do anything c++ can do, the only disadvantage is it's slower when compiled. BUT with every release of visual basic, the executables get much faster, and less independant on external dlls, it is rumored the next release will have the option not to use the dlls.
          Anyways, I plan on working on speed improvements again, and right now the emulator runs at its base resolution (1x in the resolution menu) 240fps on my computer, and as you increase the resolution from there, it gets exponentially slower. I plan on fixing all this in further releases, but know if your computer isn't up to par, and you want to run full screen, I would suggest going to a lower resolution, then running full screen.
          Oh yeah, I have heard rumors that HyNes doesn't work on win 2K (it worked for me...), but does on win XP, go figure.
          Now, getting off the subect of the emulator and onto the site, I have gotten most everything back up on the site that we had lost because of it's deletion from our previous server, because of reasons mentioned above. The only big things left to do are the game genie codes, then everything is done.
          Final note: I am running this site off of my personal server at my house, on a broadband 1mb up and down throughput connection. I plan on buying a domain, but havn't decided on a name yet, so if you would, please vote on the side bar. Thank you very much ^_^.
          I think I have completly exausted this post now, so, thats all. Ja ne!
:: DarkSide

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