Well, I have been running a web server for a number of years for myself and friends for whatever kind of page needed, with no banners. I originally ran it from my house, but unfortunately, my upload was capped soon after and I had a server on a slow 16KB/s connection for over a year.
      I bought a server in June that I am paying a large amount of money for so I can host myself, friends, and people I feel who deserve to be hosted free of charge, without banners, and on a very fast server with no limitations. I am even doing some other things like hosting a MUD with it.
      I planned on just taking the loss out of my pocket (that I have to earn all through a part time High School job might I add). One of my friends at my High School, the one that I am running the mud for on my server, told me that the main programmer of the mud completely relies on donations of generous people as his income. I figured I might as well try this out and ask for donations if anyone would be willing so I can at least break even on the server.
      So, long story short, I have decided to set up a paypal account for receiving donations. I would be very very appreciative if anyone would wish to donate. Thank you very much ^_^ Have a nice day!

      You can donate through paypal to the email katichan1@hotmail.com, or by clicking on the banner below. Please leave the nick you go by in the payment message. Again, thank you very much.


I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service!
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